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2009 Orisa Workshop Series!!!

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  • Nefrem Neter
    2009 Orisa Workshop Series Seven African Spiritual Powers:  The Major Orisa of the Yoruba Pantheon Thur., February 19,  2009,   7-8:30 pm ($10)   Explore
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      2009 Orisa Workshop Series

      Seven African Spiritual Powers:� The
      Major Orisa of the Yoruba Pantheon

      Thur., February 19,� 2009, �
      7-8:30 pm


      Explore the attributes, nature, environment, offerings and
      description of the seven major Orisa of the Yoruba pantheon.� Learn about the major spiritual forces of the
      Yoruba world in this informative and dynamic workshop.� Accompanied by a multimedia presentation,
      this workshop is aimed at exploring some of the most powerful forces known to

      In this
      workshop you will learn:

      and energetic profile of the Orisa

      offerings of the Orisa

      and mythological stories concerning the Orisa

      attributes and associations of the Orisa

      power of the Orisa

      Manifesting Abundance through Orisa Worship

      Thurs, February 26, 2009,�� 7-8:30pm


      you a suffering from the woes of the recession?�
      The Yoruba are a practical people.� For thousands of years, they have
      used the forces of nature to help attract abundance into their lives.� Through the use of herbs, prayer or offerings,
      the blessing of abundance and prosperity was one highly sought after by
      worshippers.� Learn some rituals and
      techniques which engage the Yoruba forces of nature towards manifesting
      abundance in your life.

      In this workshop you will

      The nature of
      abundanceOrisa relationship
      to prosperityOrisa rituals to
      attract prosperity and abundanceYoruba herbs used
      for abundance Recipe for herbal
      bath for abundance

      Ori:� The Yoruba Spirit of

      Sat, March 7,� 2009, � 11-12:30pm


      Ori is a profound concept and force of nature the Yoruba
      people associate with one�s consciousness, head, and destiny. In fact, despite
      the multitude of deities worshipped in the Yoruba pantheon, Ori is considered
      most supportive force in the life of human beings. Learn about the nature of Ori in this thought-provoking

      In this workshop
      you will learn:

      The nature and mythological history of ori.The connection between ori and destiny.The relationship between ori and ancestors.The physical representations of ori.The representation of Ori in Yoruba cultureConsecration of an Ori Object

      Ibori:� The Yoruba Art of Ori Self

      Sat, March 7, 2009,� 1-2:30pm


      Ibori is a sacred Yoruba ritual for appeasing one�s
      consciousness.� It is aimed at empowering
      one�s innate creative power for greatness.�
      Attend this practical workshop and learn about techniques and symbolism
      of this powerful ritual.� In this
      workshop you will learn:

      The fundamentals of
      Ori worshipThe various
      offerings for oriGuidelines for
      conducting an Ibori ritualModern research
      supporting Yoruba ideas of OriSong for Ori

      Look out for other upcoming workshops

      Egungun: Ancestral

      Creating An Ancestral

      Spiritual Anatomy:� The Energetic Structure of the Body in Yoruba

      Spiritual Cleansings 101:� An Overview

      Spiritual Cleansings
      102:� Spiritual Herbal Baths

      Spiritual Cleansings
      103:� Using Incense for Spiritual

      Spiritual Cleansings
      104:� House Cleansings

      Location for all workshops:

      44 East 32nd Street. (bet. Park and Madison)



      Take the
      6 train to 33rd Street.� Exit at the 32nd street exit.

      reserve your seat, please email your name and phone number as well as the name
      of the workshop you would like to attend.�

      About the Presenter

      Sangobukunmi (also known as Jamel Cherry) is a
      traditional Yoruba priest of Shango, initiated in Nigeria
      by Sangodele Ibuowo , the Elegun�Sango of Koso, Oyo State , Nigeria
      .. �He is also certified
      Holistic Health Consultant, herbalist, third-degree reiki master, numerologist
      and African diviner in the Yoruba and Dagara divination systems. He has done
      and continues to do extensive studies on African spirituality, divination, and
      traditional healing in Nigeria
      and America
      with various elders.

      He studied traditional African
      medicine with African healers including Dr. Llaila Afrika, Baba Ifabukunmi O.
      Adewale and distinguished African ethnobotanist and traditional African healer,
      Dr. Kweku Andoh.� He also received his certification as an African healer
      in African Science and Healing by Dr. Kofi Asare, noted Ghanian healer and
      herbalist.� He also completed a two year Indigenious African Spiritual
      Technology apprenticeship under the direction of Dagara shaman and Ph.d
      scholar, Malidoma Some. � He studied holistic health and nutrition while
      receiving his certification as holistic health counselor at the Institute for
      Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world.� He is a
      registered lifetime member of the American Association for Drugless


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