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Back to Basic - Part 1

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  • Pablo Gerardo
    Back to Basic Part 1 Greetings to all. I have been quietly observing all the comments regarding palo in the various clubs. A lot of you have posted interesting
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      Back to Basic

      Part 1

      Greetings to all.

      I have been quietly observing all the comments regarding palo in the
      various clubs. A lot of you have posted interesting comments, a lot
      have spoken correctly. However, as previously stated, not everyone
      is meant to be scratched.

      The following has been stated:

      I believe that people get scratched for the wrong
      reason because they think they would get power...The people that are
      this group and got scratched why did you do it, has it helped or has
      made things worst?

      How do you know for sure that Palo is indeed your path?

      I think these are reason that people use to get scratched and it's
      for the wrong reason:
      I've heard many say:

      I want to get scratch to bring love into my life.
      I was told that once I get scratch brujeria will never touch me
      again or the only way to get brujeria off is to get scratched.
      Personal power, ambition, para matar o joder el que me cruse, mess
      up whom ever gets in my way even if I have to kill them by using
      Palo work.

      The above are valid questions and / or concerns. The reason for
      being scratched as stated above, are the incorrect reasons for a
      person to get scratched.

      If indeed someone has brujeria on top of them, a parado, a
      rompimiento, other types of cleaning can be performed to rid the

      To be scratched is a destiny in one's path.

      If we go back to basics, all steps in life have a beginning. For
      example, when a baby is born he/she does not walk. They crawl, then
      walk, then run. Well in Palo/ Santeria / Espiritismo / IFA have
      steps in order for one to grow.

      If we can learn the even the spiritual realm has steps:

      • OLOFI
      • ODUA
      • IFA
      • SANTOS
      • EGUN

      Understanding that everything in life has a chain of command, and
      the above chain of command is viewed correctly, then Back to Basic
      is a concept that we have forgotten today in modern times.

      Not everyone has a calling to be a santero (a), palero (a), Babalwo.
      It is a destiny that one complies with to accomplish one's mission
      in life.

      The main issue that I would like to stress is the importance of
      creating one's spiritual frame (cuadro spiritual). I know of many
      great espiritistas that have spirits that could be a Congo or a
      spirit that was scratched. Does that mean you have to be scratched
      because of that spirit in your frame? NO

      Today we rush into many things without fully understanding all that
      is involved. The consequences can be great. However, those that
      think a pot (cazuela) means power, strength, the ability to do… Wrong

      I know of people that can do great things with a glass of water.

      For example, someone decides to do brujeria on me; I am defenseless
      because I do not have a pot? If that were the case, then why do I
      have the spirits that walk with me? I cannot comprehend that an
      individual can believe that he/she has power/strength because of a
      pot. It is wrong.

      If that were the case, then our principle belief of what we practice
      is all wrong. As santeros we do good, babalawos do good, paleros
      have the choice to do good or evil, and esperitistas do good. No one
      is better or stronger than the other. I understand that there are
      people that do wrong, that spend there energies to do evil; I do not
      disagree with that. However, for someone to say that I have to be
      scratched because of brujeria, an evil eye is plain wrong.

      When dealing with a cazuela, there is an entity that lives within
      the pot. An entity that will require major attention from you.
      Failure to attend this entity can be with major consequences.

      Now if we go back to basics, then a person will go to or attend many
      misas. These misas will reveal you true path. Remember that in our
      spiritual frame there will be many spirits. You have to get to know
      all the spirits that will make up your spiritual frame. The fact
      that a spirit was a palero does not mean you have to be scratched.

      There are many reasons why someone can be scratched:

      • Health
      • Stability
      • A compliment to one's spirit
      • Your path

      These are the true reasons for one to be scratched, and not the
      one's mentioned above.

      Before anyone decides to get scratched, please determine the

      • Get a second opinion
      • Research with other esperitistas
      • Read or gather information on Palo Mayombe
      • Talk to other Paleros

      It is important that you understand what you are getting into. To be
      scratched or to have a pot (cazuela) requires a lot. It is not a
      joking matter. It is not for one to do harm. Keep in mind that what
      harm we do, does come back to us. As my grandmother once stated, La
      Vida pasa su facturas (Life will bill you).

      The main issue is learning to work with egun (the spirits), attend
      many misas before you make a decision that you will regret.

      Omo Obatala
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