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UPDATE to previous postings [aleyos-online] Digest Number 989 / Santeria Online] Digest Number 775

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  • June Rivera
    from these postings: [aleyos-online] Digest Number 989 [Santeria Online] Digest Number 775 Bendiciones a todos, I decided to respond to the over 34 responses I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2007
      from these postings:
      [aleyos-online] Digest Number 989
      [Santeria Online] Digest Number 775

      Bendiciones a todos,

      I decided to respond to the over 34 responses I received through February 27, 2007 on the above 2 postings concerning finding a decent IFA padrino/priest. It vexes me to think that so many were affected - I had no idea that so many women had been through similar experiences with “paco” or others like him.

      For those that asked Carlos is doing very well and Zsusanna beame worst and is going through her own hell. For those that asked if it was the person you named in your email to me, I responded with the “truth”. I am always forthcoming in everything and don’t believe in gossip, especially after seeing so many people and families in the religion broken up over hate, anger and especially jealousies. Jealousies are created by people in our religions of the regla – because people don’t realize that whatever anyone else has, we can have also. It takes work, positive thinking and patience. You don’t have to envy any other priest/priestess because he/she is more popular, or because they have more godchildren then you. Instead of being jealous, hateful, envious, revengeful - just emulate them, look for ways to make yourself as good as they are. They don’t have that many godchildren or followers because their evil, but because they follow and do as la regla requires of them and
      don’t abuse their godchildren sexually, emotionally, financially nor spiritually. They also let go and allow their godchildren to live and learn on their own without constant contact, it starves a godchild’s soul from evolving, especially in the religion. Pretty soon as the elders leave this sphere of living, they’ll be less and less of respectable ones.

      I personally refrain from gossipy and negative people because you can help them only so much and I don’t like to create “dependencies” – yes I’ll guide & demonstrate what one can accomplish– but I won’t allow myself to pick up negative karma, nor others evil or negative vibes. There is enough of that in fighting off people that dislike our religion and culture because of people like paco & other negative perros.

      It’s sad that la regla, only tells of what can happen to an abuser, but there’s no cohesion in what we do to eradicate these pimples or warts that are in our religion. We have no one committee or regulatory body to eliminate these leeches from our lives. We need to get the elders to start overlooking and correcting these rebel/fake priests, or reporting them to groups like these so potential godchildren are warned to stay away, if their business’s dries up so will they. Otherwise in the public’s eyes worldwide we are still “living in the jungle” which I believe we are not, but I could be wrong.

      Steve do your research before, when & if you find what your looking for, here’s why; the following is from a relative of mine (Carlos –white-puerto rican) & his lady friend (Zsusanna-white-jewish) both from Connecticut, they were in your same shoes in the summer of 2001. Carlos has been exposed most of his life to Ifa & Santeria through his Cuban school friends in Newark , NJ & while living on Delancy street in NYC. He studied metaphysics & every major religion & never felt any interests in the Yoruba religions so he never pursued them until he met Zsusanna, on a hunch. Always respected those that follow it correctly based on its own laws or reglas, but never those that used poor people for money & never helped them nor those looking for goddaughters for sex.

      Carlos could’ve consulted me or my husband who is also in the religion, but was just doing research as part of his following the middle path. Otherwise they would’ve found true & faithful godparents, instead of the charlatan priest they found. Carlos related this story to me in 2004 and restated it when we read your post last week. There are others who have written such warnings to prospective seekers in the religion so heed the advice of elders & others given in earlier/current postings in both yahoo groups (Aleyos-online & Santeria online). This is their true story:

      In the summer of 2001 Zsusanna went out on the internet to find a babalawo. They both wanted help in keeping then marriages intact. What they got was a nightmare neither will ever forget. These events have been happening since July 2001. We’ll call the babalawo (paco or the have bag will travel babalawo) because he doesn’t deserve the respect that true practitioners, believers & elders receive & deserve.

      Later in the summer of 2001 – Zsusanna found paco on the internet, they travel to the Bronx in NY to meet him, and he has just flown in from Miami , Fl (his home) the day before. He brings his duffel bag, we travel to the Bronx Park , paco does a reading using tarot cards, the reading to Carlos sounds fishy & sexually oriented (he tells Zsusanna that this bozo is a fake, which Zsusanna ignores), and they then go out to buy chickens & pigeons. Sacrifices of chickens in the Bronx Park take place. Later that night, police show up with guns drawn; ask for ids & all got tickets for disposing the chicken bodies around where children could find them & for creating health hazards.
      This is followed by taking paco out to eat in Ocean City , then to a rental in a cheap Bronx motel to do head cleansings to remove unwanted negative spirits.

      In December we went to Miami to get our warriors, in the meantime he & Zsusanna are becoming very acquainted with each other over the internet & telephones. The other 3 babalawos & the two santeras assisting were all Cuban. Carlos respected the Cubans for their religious wisdom & spiritual development, one well versed & trained can always sense the presence of highly evolved spiritual persons. Their auras looked good compared to paco’s. Paco also kept arguing when Carlos cowrie shells came out perfect 3 times, showing him to be Chango. So paco wanted Carlos to continue throwing the shells while the others insisted it wasn’t necessary. Paco’s Spanish was NY city based & what he translated to Zsusanna, Carlos & the 3rd American lady getting warriors was incorrect.

      After this began their hell & it continues for Zsusanna. In 2002 through 2003 all the predictions paco made f Zsusanna & my future were garbage. None of it came to pass. Paco began calling Zsusanna & she him daily. Carlos also stopped seeing Zsusanna because she was getting involved with her godfather (a man married to a santera) from Miami to the point that Carlos broke off their friendship after Zsusanna kept going back & forth suddenly to NY & Miami to see paco, all of these meetings occurred in cheap motels & Carlos got wind of it when cheap motels on the Connecticut & NY lines kept calling Zsusanna’s house to cancel the rooms & emailed Carlos’s copies of the official cancellation. In 2003 after they stop seeing each other Carlos got back into the dating scene & was seriously dating another lady. Until Zsusanna destroyed it.

      In the meantime Zsusanna started pursuing Carlos again with a vengeance until they got arrested – Carlos for disturbing the peace & she for assault & disorderly conduct. Later on this took a new twist, paco told Zsusanna that someone was gossiping out of NY about he (paco) & Zsusanna having sex (planting his future ideas). Against Carlo’s wishes she emailed this santera an anonymous nasty letter. Carlos pleaded with her not to email the letter to the santera because she had no proof & said to her if her godfather has the proof he’ll forward you a copy if he doesn’t he is a fake & just wants to get into your pants, so Carlos suggested to Zsusanna to ask paco for a copy of the email, she did & paco said it was so so dirty & filthy he deleted it so his goddaughter wouldn’t have to be exposed to it. Anyway here is the rest of the story:

      Took Zsusanna 3 years to get divorced & to sell her house, she had hired 3 attorneys for her divorce & fired them all & got a 4th because of bad advice from her godfather. $15,000. later.
      Zsusanna lost custody of her daughter, pays child support all because of her godfathers advice, had to have visits with her daughter videotaped & monitored by an outside social work agency.
      Zsusanna & Carlos were engaged 3 times until the summer of 2004 when he kept finding Zsusanna talking with her godfather nude in bed on the telephone for hours at a time. They were discussing phone sex, at other times he was crying on her shoulders about (the godfathers) marital problems.
      The hundreds of times she disappeared on weekends and weeks to be with her godfather & claimed she was with family. Things got so bad that her own daughter complained to Carlos that Zsusanna kept abandoning her in NY & Florida to be with her godfather paco. Carlos knew it was true because he looked at her phone bills & she & her godfather spoke more then Zsusanna spoke to her daughter & Carlos in any one month. At last count 65 times in one month.

      Eventually Zsusanna remained faithful to her godfather in Miami , admitted to her & paco having sex & never wanting to leave the religion. In the meantime she has had nothing but evil in her life, is a lousy example for her daughter, a professional liar, cheater, gossiper & (still trying & failing) destroyer of good decent people, she does this through stalking, harassment, emails, leaving notes on cars & telephoning people. At the present time – she has the great possibility of being arrested for harassing innocent people, with warnings from the police twice. Carlos remains distant from her & had to get professional help to forgive her. Carlos knows well how chickens come home to roost. He remains friends with people in the Yoruba religion he met as an observer and through friends of friends in 7 states & etc.

      So Steve make sure you read the posts carefully, ask questions, if you meet a priest in the African Based Traditions – asks for backgrounds, check those backgrounds, seek PROOF of all they say, if he starts to do as Zsusanna’s godfather:

      Gossip about other santeros/or babalawos, or tells of his great miracles or his PH.D, or his telling a famous puerto rican female Santeria authoress to get lost because she supposedly wanted him, or tells you that he doesn’t hold a regular job because God told him not to work (while other santeros/ifa priests do) then head for the hills, because these are some of the lines he used on Carlos & Zsusanna.
      Just remember that we have reglas too, and they are obeyed by the decent brothers & sisters that struggle to make this religion mainstream like the others. We work hard to single out the paco(s) that come into our religion & to help those who were exploited & screwed financially, sexually, spiritually & morally. So follow your heart & choose wisely.

      Forgive me for the length, its a longer story but it breaks my heart to see Carlos & Zsusanna suffer like this. It appeared to me many years ago that they actually belonged together, but now....

      Steve <betsys_mate@ yahoo.com> wrote: Alafia
      I'm from Sydney Australia and very new to the path of Santeria, a path
      I really desire to walk. Since taking an active interest early last
      year I have only been able to get 2 books here that have fed me
      knowledge about Santeria - as well as information on the net.

      I have a question regarding Godparents.. . is it possible (correct?) to
      find Godparents on sites such as My Santeria Community or through
      other Santeros/Santeras on-line? Just wondering as I really feel the
      need for some guidance now.

      Blessings your way.

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