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Re: [Santeria Online] Re: Why I am seeking a guardian orisha reading and other santeria information online

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  • Em Crowe
    Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. Em Noemi wrote:Alafia Emily, group: I am santera, initiated to Yemaya for a little over 3
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 14, 2004
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      Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. Em

      Noemi <nrivera1117@...> wrote:Alafia Emily, group:

      I am santera, initiated to Yemaya for a little over 3 years now.

      My advise, if anyone tells you that your guardian angel can be done
      via telephone, internet, mail, etc. run, don't walk cause in the
      Lucumi tradition that is not done. One has to be present before
      Orula or the cowrie shells for this to be determined.

      The practice would be either going to a plante, where 3 or more
      Babalawos get together and have Orula down on the mat. Or a santero
      (can be an Oriate) will read the godparents cowrie shells to
      determine. This task is performed by an expert at it and as I
      mentioned if anyone tries to con you in this manner, run, don't walk

      Hope this helped.

      Noemi Yemaya
      --- In santeriaonline@yahoogroups.com, Em Crowe <silvercrow73@y...>
      > Recently, I asked this community to point me in the direction of
      someone in my area (Minneapolis) who would be able to do a guardian
      orisha reading. One of the responses that I received asked why I was
      looking for such a service since it is usually offered through a god
      parent. Also, this gentle person was rather intent that a quality
      reading can only be done in person. I figured I should explain my
      position in seeking a bit more and why I am not opposed to doing an
      internet reading if it is my only means necessary of confirming what
      I already suspect.
      > For as much as we live in a very diverse society, doors can be
      closed for various reasons. I am a wiccan priestess with a second
      degree initiation under my belt. I have choosen to work primarily in
      the realm of divination and trance work. My primary dieties that I
      worship are chosen from the Norse and Celtic pantheons to represent
      my ancestral background. (Though I honestly believe that there is
      only one power and everything is a microcosom of that power.) A few
      years ago, I ran across some books on santeria, voodoo and lucumi.
      Mostly my reading was more to be informed.
      > Earlier this year (while in trance states) I began to be inturupted
      by Ellegua who then proceded to introduce me to other orishas. I
      have a better understanding of how to feed my ancestors (yes there is
      a part of my altar for them) and a better understanding of what it is
      to "feed" nature spirits and dieties.
      > Now then, I don't have a god parent in this religion. I would like
      one but since the santeria community in Minneapolis is very
      underground at the moment, I have had difficulty locating anyone who
      doesn't refer me to the same source, Magus Books. Magus Books is a
      great resource but Roger (the wonderful gentleman who owns it) has
      only been able to refer me to a few good books and so my shelf space
      grows more limited by the day. So now, I start looking at other
      resources that will talk to me. Internet communities are one of
      those. And I greatly appreciate being able to participate in this
      > As for doing reliable divination via the internet.....
      > As someone in the trade (i do professional tarot and rune
      readings), I do prefer to meet with my clients in person. Anyone who
      is seeking advice or information likes to have personal interaction
      that is not coaxial cable and wiring. However, I do have friends and
      family that also rely on my abilities and sometimes the only way we
      can communicate is over the phone or internet means. Is one more
      superior than the other? I don't believe so. Anytime a situation to
      divine information happens, the diviner does rely on two other
      connections. The connection they have to the spirit world and the
      connection that they have with their client. If the client is closed
      of or reserved about revealing information or energy: the diviner
      will have a difficult time getting (from either source) reliable
      information. In person or via internet. However, if there is an
      open and willing connection, information flows freely. If we are all
      truely connected to the same spirit, then I dont have to be
      > infront of my diviner to get accurate, quality information.
      > So with that, I will gladly adjust my original request. My name is
      Emily. I am a seeker in Minneapolis. I would appreciate any advice
      in locating a god parent and/or santerian diviner in the area who is
      willing to help me. Thank you.
      > Blessed Be!
      > Emily
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