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6101Re: [santacruzbees] Newbee questions

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  • Jennifer Nomi
    Jul 30, 2014
      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your quick reply! 

      I'm in Scotts Valley on Tan Oak, which is near Lockewood Ln & Graham Hill Rd. The girls are in the section of our yard that has about a dozen mature fruit trees. We don't have many "bee friendly" plants yet. We have agapanthus and "naked ladies" blooming right now. I planted a few types of lavender. The fruit trees usually start to blossom in late Feb or early Match. Would love to know if you think the 2 deeps are enough for the winter now that you know my location :)

      I also wanted to use only wax foundation but around the time the nuc's came in from Mountain Feed, all the foundation they had in stock was plastic coated with wax. So it sounds like eventually I'll be able to switch that hive to wax?

      Thank you!


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      On Jul 29, 2014, at 6:45 PM, "Kim Stribling kim.stribling@... [santacruzbees]" <santacruzbees@yahoogroups.com> wrote:



      Where do you live ?  Where are your girls ?  2 deeps full of *honey* will probably be fine to get thru the Winter...  but again, it depends on where you live (:  

      My girls prefer wax foundation so I don't mix them up ... I never buy the plastic foundation ... I can melt the wax out of my frames and replace with wax ... but if that is what you have ... use it up :)

      I don't use an excluder ... I want to give my bees and their queen full range of their home ... if they need to move up for a brood chamber ... up they move (:

      Keep a record of your mite population ... and report back at our next meeting (:


      On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 3:05 PM, Jennifer Nomi jenznomi@... [santacruzbees] <santacruzbees@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I've been attending most guild meetings, reading a few bee blogs, and a couple books, which have been helpful but I'm still not 100% clear on a few things.

      Right now I have two hives, I've been feeding both regularly, and both have two deep supers. I expect the one hive to be 80% full by this week, or next. From what I've read, new supers should be added up until August, or while there is a honey flow on. Since I'm regularly feeding them, aren't I simulating "honey flow" and would that mean if they are 80% full I should add another super this week? Or even after August since I'm feeding them?

      If I add a new super, what's your preferred method to keep the queen from laying in there without using an excluder? I think I've decided I don't want to use an excluder....I know there is some controversy/strong opinions on to use or not to use an excluder, but I'd like to try without it first.

      Can I mix plastic and wax foundation in the same hive?

      I've been checking for mites since the end of June, so far the highest count has been 18. I was reading online that if you're going to treat for mites you should do it before adding a honey super? Is that correct? 

      If I don't get a count of at least 30 before adding the honey super should I still treat for mites? 

      Thank you in advance for your replies!

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