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  • feltonbetty
    Apr 13, 2014
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      Ok, thanks,  soon I will have someone come over and help me lift those heavy boxes.  Then we can do a full inspection and find out where the main brood chamber is.  I am avoiding splitting because I know that near me the nectar run is just about over and for this dry year the hives will have a hard time building back up.   

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      Sorry if my reply seemed to be critical, from where I'm sitting... I just have to guess to fill in all the blanks; but that is all beekeepers dilemma. Your question is what to do with brood on a honey frame.
      If your using all wax foundation cut it out and feed it to the chickens, unless you wish to eat it like much of Africa does. Plastic foundation just scrape it off and go to steps two or three. When returned to the hive the bees will straighten up their house.
      Now back to the dead horse, "4 boxes up" is no guarantee the brood chamber  isn't centered in box number three. I'm of the school of going in and looking around, minimize your time in the hive by not starting from the outside frame but as a nine frame guy I create a little room and pull frame 4 or 6. I also feel that I gained a lot by my early beekeeping of going into my hives and looking for queens, working in a cloud of attacking bees, now I'm not so bothersome to my bees but do look for queen cells and am trying to build back up my hives by splitting rather than packages and that takes some comfort level of being deep in your hive. Other better beekeepers than I watch from the outside, listen and never bother their bees. Find your comfort level and good luck.

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