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5716Re: brood in the honey frames

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  • kmcelhny
    Apr 12, 2014
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      The answer is definitely yes, depending. As a rule of thumb you you are better off not disturbing the brood "ball" pattern in a hive. It's hard to say who's in charge in a hive but the brood pattern is typically surrounded by a few inches of pollen storage and then honey. This food storage forms a border that the queen typically doesn't cross. That said hive manipulation can have one checkerboarding in order to create space on honey bound hives etc. Traditionally the brood was in two deep boxes that weren't messed with and honey was "supered" in mediums above. Adapting that to current times there is little reason to disturb the brood area and only remove honey from the second super above these boxes. Yes that leaves a full super of honey on top of the brood that doesn't get taken.
      And to pull capped brood is to kill capped brood unless reboxed with attendant nurse bees.
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