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5711Re: [santacruzbees] Facebook Page

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  • scotpeden
    Apr 11, 2014
      Yeah, Yahoo NEO Groups is a real drag, like it was designed to send people
      to Facebook where folk like me don't know how to keep up with the security
      and hacker spoofs.

      I find it the lesser of the evils. Not sure where to go to from here though.


      > Just remember that you will miss some of your audience if you post
      > soley there. After 4-5 years and many a gaff in terms of security, I
      > left.
      > As a list owner many times over and on tons of more varied lists, it
      > seems to be about 50/50, loved or hated. Each to their own. Some
      > will judge you simply for belonging to them. I would stop just short
      > of that, for those, young, or young-to-social media. Not that Yahoops
      > users are totally well off. Heh heh! ;>)
      > BillSF9c
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