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  • mari_h_newbee
    Nov 9, 2013

      HI Isabelle!

      I purchased Sheri's extra strip,. Good luck. Maybe this spring we can split a box.Mari 

      ---In santacruzbees@yahoogroups.com, <isabellecaz@...> wrote:

      Hi Mari (and all)

      I have not bought it, but would be interested in getting 1 or 2 strips.

      Anybody else interested in teaming up on a box of 10 ?



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      Did you get your QS? I'd be interested in goin in on a box of MAQS since I only need 1 app. Mtn feed sells them by the box of 10. Anyway if you have any extra that you would like to sell or if you still need to buy some please let me know. I just posted a conversation about this above. I will be at the meeting tonight or contact me at 212-2952 or maricela26@gmail



      ---In santacruzbees@yahoogroups.com, <isabellecaz@...> wrote:

      Hi there
      Does anybody know where I can order/buy mite away strips ?
      or do you recommend different treatment at this time of the year ?
      We counted 120 mites on the bottom board in 24 hours

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