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Fifteen Planes of Spiritual Universe - Baba Devi Sahab

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      Sayings of Baba Devi Sahab – Part II

      [Following is an English rendering of sayings of Baba Devi Sahab of Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India as published in Part II of the book (in Hindi) titled "Satsanga Yog" written by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj, one of the all time greatest exponents of Santmat. Baba Devi Sahab was the Guru of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj
      Translated by Pravesh K. Singh]

      From the Preface to `Ghat Ramayan':
      [`Ghat Ramayan' is the name of a book popularly believed to have been authored by Sant Tulsi Sahab of Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, India. Baba Devi Sahab got the hand-written manuscript of Sant Tulsi Sahab of Hathras printed at Hathras itself in the year of 1896]

      …contd. from the Part - I

      This thermometer, scale or yardstick is the inner pathway (present within each one of us) which has been divided or classified into fourteen [Here word fourteen is printed whereas the descriptive table, as given below includes fifteen layers. This, therefore, logically appears to be a case of misprint – Translator] levels/stages/categories:

      [N.B. The original text – those who have gone through the Satsang Yog Part-II would probably agree with me – is in a typical style of Hindi which is not only very old but also cryptic. I, with my limitations of all sorts, found it extremely difficult to translate these lines. This translation, to be accurate, calls for an elevated soul who has himself journeyed through, and has had the direct experience of, the fourteen spiritual planes described ahead. Therefore, it is very much likely that the translation might consist of errors; though I have made the best possible efforts, I humbly accept all the blame for the possible errors in the translation and may kindly be pardoned by the learned souls. - Translator]

      Names & Descriptions of All the Levels/Planes/Spheres/Realms of Creation





      Anaam (Nameless/ Wordless)

      Whatever it is, it can be realized but can not be described in words, because all that the surat of the practitioner experiences here can not reach the Level No. 13 from where words or sound, through (with the help of) which we converse with each other, originate (this is because the lower illusory places shroud or conceal it). This is called `alaukik' (unearthly, supernatural or transcendental). Its lord is `anaam' (soundless or nameless).



      These two tell about or describe the First Level as to how is that and what is that.




      Naam (Name/ Sound/ Word)

      The place which is the reservoir of truth, which is spoken of in glowing terms by the whole world that it is indestructible, imperishable, eternal. Here `moksha' (liberation) is attained - this level is called sattalok/satalok and is referred to variously as sattanaam/satanaam, sattapurush/satpurush, sattaguru/sataguru, waahguru, sattasaahib by saints.


      Bhanwar Gufaa

      (Whirling or Spiralling Cave)

      That place, from where creation began and coating of `jad' (that which is devoid of consciousness) was superimposed upon `chetan' (pure consciousness). From this very realm, jiva (unliberated individual soul) came to be covered with kaaran (causal layer or body). Here surat begins to evince hints or indications of the first four planes which have been described above.



      (Greater Void)

      These two tell about or describe the Layer No. 5 above. This is the realm of Nirgun Nirankaar–Akshar–Kaaran Shuddha (pure) Brahma.


      Sunna or Shoonya (Void)



      The place where three gunas (attributes, qualities) originated and Kaaran was covered or draped with sookshma (astral or subtle layer). This is called Brahmalok and its lord is Omkaar – Parabrahma, Parameshwar, Allaah – Akbar. This is the seed of all divine and heavenly Scriptures. This is also the realm of Sun.


      Sahastradal Kamal (Thousand petalled lotus)

      Here five elements of the nature came into existence and sthool (gross realm) came to shroud the sookshma (astral or subtle layer). It is here only that account of all the good and bad deeds (performed by the jiv) is prepared & settled; and the jiva is sent back to the world from this plane only. Its lord is Om – Brahma, Ishwar, Niranjan. This is also called the Jyoti Lok (realm of light).


      Shat Chakra or Ajnaa Chakra

      The realm where frontiers or borders of pind and Brahmand meet. It is called the sixth chakra because there are five chakras below this and the sixth chakra ends here. Its lord is Pranav–Vindu, Nijman, Nafasnaatakaa, Third Eye, Sukhamanaa (Sushumnaa), Akaltaai, the Eastern star. This is the realm of star, mani (an effulgent precious stone mythically believed to be found in the hood of a cobra), pearl, diamond. This is the window or opening for ascending into the higher spheres and also for descending down the lower regions.


      Kantha Chakra

      The region where all learning takes place. Its lord is Mother Saraswati (Goddess of Learning).


      Hridaya Chakra

      The place where the power of destruction originates which performs all sorts of editing or adjustments in roopa (form). Its lord is Mahesh or Shiv.


      Naabhi Chakra

      The place where the power to create forms or shapes originates. Its lord is Brahma (god of creation).


      Indri Chakra

      The place where the power to nurture or sustain the creation takes birth which is responsible for sustenance of roop (form).


      Guda Chakra

      The place where the three gunas and five elements gathered or collected together after forming pind (micro cosmos) and Brahmaand (macro cosmos) and His powers were tied outwardly to this world. Its lord is Ganesh.

      ...to be contd.
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