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Toy-Addict.com Clearance, Updates, and Auctions!!!

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  • SunyDay76@aol.com
    January 2, 2005 I hope everyone is still working with their new years resolutions! Remember to visit the What s New page at Toy-Addict.com if you can t
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      January 2, 2005
      I hope everyone is still working with their new years resolutions! Remember
      to visit the "What's New" page at Toy-Addict.com if you can't click on the
      links. They are all there!!

      Clearance (Out with some of the old to make room for the
      > new!!)
      > Cabbage Patch Kids - Lots of prices slashed and group prices added as well,
      > which means ever bigger savings!
      > Cartoon Miscellaneous - This stuff is El CheapO!
      > Fisher Price - We're dropping prices like CRAZY!!! On all pages in this
      > category.
      > Miscellaneous Items ~ Bargain Basement Prices!!
      > Muppets - Almost everything on the Sesame Street page has been discounted at
      > least $1 or more!!!
      > Sanrio - Again almost everything reduced 50ยข and more.

      > Cabbage Patch Kids - Swing for mini posbles
      > Cartoon Miscellaneous - Gi Joe Playing cards with tin, Heathcliff sealed
      > puzzle, Garfield 80's sticker album.
      > Fisher Price - Pink Puffalump Parrot
      > Miscellaneous Items ~ Vintage 80's Tinkerbell Make Up
      > Pound Puppies - 18" Puppy
      > Sanrio - Chococat Banaids, Hello Kitty Back Pack Ebay

      <FONT COLOR="#000000" BACK="#ffffff" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=14 FAMILY="SE
      Auctions still in progress>
      > Disney Classic Winnie the Pooh Jack in the Box
      > Dollhouse Miniatures Wood Table Set Myrtle Wood?
      > Mapletown/Sylvanian Families Racoon Family plus
      > Tyco Quints Big Lot of Dolls and Accessories CUTE !!
      > MIP Beads Leaves 5 pkg. 75+ leaf green Lot 4
      > MIP Beads Leaves 6 pkg. 75+ apples Lot 3
      > MIP Beads Leaves 6 pkg. 75+ leaf green Lot 1
      > MIP Beads Leaves 6 pkg. 75+ lflowers Lot 2
      > Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Deluxe Comic Eastman
      > Wizard of Oz Dolls MWT Presents Ballerina MunchkinMayor
      > 70s Fisher Price Little People Farm Lot Near Complete
      > Vintage Fisher Price Little People Circus Animals/Train

      Are you addicted to toys?
      Come get your fix!


      Visit What's New @ Toy-Addict.com for updates on the latest
      additions, price reductions, auctions, and sales.

      The coolest toys you always wanted!

      16mm Films~~1950's-1960's~~Advertising Collectibles~~ALF~~Bean Bag Toys
      Books ~Care Bears~~Cabbage Patch Kids~~Cartoon Miscellaneous
      Cherry Merry Muffin~~Comics~~Disney~~Fast Food Toys~~Fisher Price
      Get Along Gang~~Holly Hobbie~~Hugga Bunch
      Masters of the Universe~~Miscellaneous Items~~Movies&Videos
      Mr. Men~~Muppets~~Music~~My Little Pony~~Pound Puupies
      Popples~~Rainbow Brite~~Sanrio~~Shirt Tales~~Smurfs
      Strawberry Shortcake~~Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
      TV~~UFO~~Worlds of Wonder~~Wrestling~~Wuzzles

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