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EarthDance Party with Osho Meditations

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    Question: What happens when we take a beautiful space with great dance floor and open spaces and bring together top DJs, non-conventional teachers, gifted
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      What happens when we take a beautiful space
      with great dance floor and open spaces
      and bring together top DJs, non-conventional teachers,
      gifted healers, Osho Meditations, creative artists,
      world musicians, surprising performers, mouth-watering
      chefs, pinch of free spirit, vibe of celebration,
      and beautiful, curious, and colorful crowd?


      Body Temple proudly presents

      The New York EarthDance 2004 Party
      Saturday, September 18th
      from 10:30 pm to . . .

      On September 18 EarthDance parties will take place
      in over 120 cities in 50 countries around the world.
      Come celebrate with us in New York.

      Experience all the intoxication
      and none of the hangover.

      With resident musical shamans
      DJ Haj and DJ Fabian Alsultany.

      DJ Haj will ride the decks,
      dropping his ever empathic flow
      of tribal breakbeat majick.

      DJ Fabian Alsultany of Globesonic spinning
      international dreamscape, weaving the music of the
      ancients with modern sensibility.

      Midnight interactive performance
      by the Electric Earth Dancers
      and The Body Temple Percussion Collective.

      Erotic hula hooping by Goddess Anna.

      Performance, Human art installations, make-up and body paintings
      by the out-of-this-world Galaxy Girls.

      Costumes by Sequoia Emmanuelle.

      Butoh-inspired choreography with Vangeline Theater.

      All night long push your boundaries and enjoy the
      tantalizing pleasures of sweet Agave Nectar in the playfully
      erotic Licking Lounge with the Sensual Tantric Couple
      Susi & Ty and Jena and her Girlfriends. (Located in a
      separate room; enter if you're curious.)

      The blowing of the horn of hope and a soul
      arousal invocation of the ancestors by
      Rebbetzin Hadassah Gross, famed Kabbalist,
      soul trainer, and expert in the oral traditions.

      The B.I.O. Tour Bus highlighting alternatives to
      America's fossil fuel addiction.

      Healers of different modalities will be available
      for affordable mini sessions such as
      Foot Massage and Full 24-Strand DNA Activations.

      A Million Voice Choir around the world singing
      "We Rise" together as one voice.

      Vegetarian Live Food, drinks,
      and insane raw chocolate treats (cash bar).

      Sensual & Visual Art curator: Garon Peterson.

      Body Temple is an alcohol free, drug free,
      high on life event!

      Advance ticket price is $15.
      Ticket price at the door is $20.

      To ensure your participation and enjoy the
      $15 advance rate, get your ticket at

      Ready for deeper exploration?
      Join us earlier at 7 PM for unique celebration with special
      three-hour journey with the TranceBreath team with opening
      Invocation by Parashakti:

      The Inhalation of Light

      What would it be like to breathe so deeply that for a
      moment you merge with the air that surrounds you?
      What would it be like to combine this with the fire of
      dance and the celebration of fellow friends? In this
      active meditation workshop, we will use a breathing
      technique called Chakra Breathing along with light
      contact dance, songs, and silence. This nourishing
      method of breathing will enliven every energetic source
      in your body and light the inner fire for a night of rich
      Body Temple celebration.

      Feel the expansion of your energy as you re-connect
      with your real source. Experience the natural flow of
      love and intimacy with yourself and others.

      This powerful Bio-Energetic event follows Osho's
      Psychology of the Buddhas, especially with respect to
      his modern concept of Active Meditations.
      For the modern man it is difficult to relax and go into
      silence without preparation. First the body needs to
      release tension and stress.

      Therefore in this guided event we'll start with a physical
      and emotional stress release exersises. This is followed
      by period inner silence and watchfulness which
      reconnects us to our Buddha nature within and prepears
      us for the powerful Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation.

      Tuition for the TranceBreath Experience is only $30
      which includes free admission to the party
      (party begins 10:30 pm).

      The $30 rate requires advance ticket purchase.
      Door price is $40.

      To ensure your participation and enjoy the $30 advance
      rate, get your ticket at:
      (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

      Both workshop and party take place at the beautiful
      Grand Space in Brooklyn, with easy subway ride from
      Manhattan or short taxi ride from downtown Manhattan
      (around $13).

      Grand Space
      778 Bergen Street
      between Washington and Grand
      Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

      For full subway/taxi/driving directions:

      Find out about the Body Temple Membership at:

      Watch the Body Temple video at:

      For the latest updates: http://www.bodytemple.info

      For more information or to be on our
      special announcements list email

      Brought to you by the juicy fun loving folks of:
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