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i found a very interesting Flash Game!

haha! I i found a very interesting Flash Game today, so I wanna share it with you. You can play online here: http://fraggers.webs.com/flashgame.htm
Sep 15, 2010

Looking for SEX partner!

Looking for SEX partner! Check my H.O.T photos here: http://intimatekelly.webs.com/intimate.htm
Aug 17, 2010

Sophia Bush left a private message for you!

Sophia Bush left a message for you! Check here to check your message!
Jul 16, 2010

[Private Photo Share] Cali Girl- Has sent you private photos.

I do not want the entire group seeing these photos.Because some may recognize me. Here's the link: http://www.ourlivespace.com/hotgirl/photos.htm Enjoy babe :)
Feb 7, 2010

Re: They're here -- they're intact!

Hi Trudi, Did you contact Rosario? I haven't heard if she has a job or not. I could probably bring her over if you'd like, it's just that I'm not a translator.
jean wood
Mar 23, 2009

Re: They're here -- they're intact!

Hola Jean, We will only be here until April 16, then returning at the end of August.  I was going to call you to let you know that the guy with the purses in
Trudi Gardner
Mar 23, 2009

Re: They're here -- they're intact!

Your welcome, Trudi. I'm sure the pottery is fabulous! You two did so much to make such a fabulous trip for all of us...I'm still talking about it to everyone
Jean Wood
Mar 23, 2009

They're here -- they're intact!

Hi gang, The big box of wonderful ceramics came this week from Puebla, intact and looking beautiful. I just posted pictures of them on this site, so take a
Mar 21, 2009

Re: I've added a few pics to a new album...

Loved your pics, thank you.  Am having fun reliving the trip through your pictures and Scott's.  Will try to get to mine tomorrow. We loved hanging and
Trudi Gardner
Mar 14, 2009

I've added a few pics to a new album...

Though not the artist that some of you are, there sure are some fun memories to reflect upon. Thanks to all of you for making the trip so enjoyable, and a
Mar 14, 2009

Re: Great photos, Scott

I've got a couple of great ones from the boat, and you're in one of them....right behind me with the water flying by...so stay tuned....I HAD A GREAT TIME
Grace Mason
Mar 13, 2009

Scott's Photos

Hey Scott: Wonderful photos. Thanks. Bruce and Mary
Mar 13, 2009

Great photos, Scott

Wow, these are some beautiful photos, Scott. Were we on the same trip? I haven't seen mine yet, but I am sure that all will be put to shame so maybe nobody
Mar 13, 2009

Calendar for trip

I have posted the itinerary and hotel information on this website. Click on the calendar (left), then month, then February. You can then do it for March.
Jan 21, 2009

Some Learning Links I've Been Reading

Hope you'll add more/better..... Tuxtla Gutierrez; http://www.mexperience.com/guide/colonial/tuxtlag.htm San Cristobal;
Jan 21, 2009
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