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Re: [sandsofegypt] Summary

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  • Sara
    Hi guys --   Hope everyone s having a good Thanksgiving, if you re in the U.S.! :)   So, are you still interested in continuing along this plot line, or
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 27, 2008
      Hi guys --
      Hope everyone's having a good Thanksgiving, if you're in the U.S.! :)
      So, are you still interested in continuing along this plot line, or should we try to devise something new? I'd like to continue.  We could go back a few posts to reorganize our characters and plotline, if needed.

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      Subject: [sandsofegypt] Summary
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      Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2008, 5:38 PM

      Here is a brief summary of all the posts we have compiled thus far:

      Meheret, the closest servant to Princess Beketaten, was restless
      during the night. To calm her, she walked through the frescoed, quiet
      corridors. A gleam up ahead caught her eye, and as she neared, she
      discovered Pharaoh's dead body. The weapons and criminals disappeared
      from the scene.

      It didn't take long for other to wake up. Senet, the Architect had
      been in the palace to work on structures the following morning, so
      arrived to the scene quickly. He ordered the youngest of Pharaoh's
      children to remain in the rooms. He summoned doctors and the head
      wife. The eldest daughter Beketaten had also arrived at the scene and
      gave permission for Meheret to answer Senet's questions. It was
      essential for word not to leak out into the city, so the story was
      formed that Pharaoh had joined the military exhibition in Upper Egypt.

      Iki, the high priest soon arrived and was informed of the situation.
      The suspect had only provided a glimmer of light that had caught
      Meheret's attention. Before Meheret could be questions any further,
      Beketaten ushered Meheret to join her.

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