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Mid or Senior SQL Server DBA opportunity (Sorrento Valley)

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  • Bryan Nguyen
    Hello San Diego SQL Server Group, I currently have a great full time opportunity in Sorrento Valley with SmartDrive Systems. We re looking for either a Mid
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2012
      Hello San Diego SQL Server Group,

      I currently have a great full time opportunity in Sorrento Valley with
      SmartDrive Systems. We're looking for either a Mid Level SQL Server DBA or
      a Senior Level SQL Server DBA. The salary for this role is right at market
      rate but the PTO and health benefits are definitely above standard.
      Finding the right person for this role is an extremely high priority. The
      interview process is streamlined and I promise you it will move quickly.
      Please call or email me with any questions. Thank you.

      Mid or Senior SQL Server DBA

      We are seeking a Mid Level or Senior Level SQL Server Database Administrator
      to join our fast-paced production team. This role will include the
      development and design of database strategies, monitoring and improving
      database performance and capacity, planning for future expansion
      requirements, and implementing security measures to safeguard customer data.

      Type of Employment: Full time

      Compensation: $85k-$110k

      Location: San Diego, CA (Sorrento Valley)


      T-SQL; Database Administration; SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2;
      Windows Server 2008 R2


      . 3+ years of experience SQL Server database administration;
      experience must include SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 (& 2012 a plus): strong
      knowledge of SSMS (or better yet the T-SQL language equivalents) used in
      database server administration ;

      . 2+ years of experience with T-SQL programming (stored procedures,
      functions, views, triggers, table-valued functions, etc.); experience using
      source control for SQL programming (especially TFS); experience deploying
      SQL code from a source tool a plus; exposure to XMLA/MDX/DMX scripting
      languages a huge plus

      . Strong experience working in Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2
      systems (services, permissions, users, etc.); experience with operating
      system installation; experience with server maintenance a plus

      . Strong analytical and problem solving skills

      . Strong written and verbal communication skills across varied
      audiences, including the development team, the analytics team, customer
      service, and upper management

      . Personal drive and follow-through to make the ideal database
      server environment a reality

      . A sense of humor, or equivalent humorous quality such as
      irrational love of data design or naming conventions

      Initial Duties

      . Installing and upgrading SQL Server instances, beginning with SQL
      Server database services and Reporting Services (SSRS), eventually with
      Analytical Services (SSAS) and Integration Services (SSIS)

      . Creating/updating/maintaining/scheduling SQL Server Agent jobs;
      experience with PowerShell or SSIS packages a plus

      . Planning/implementing/documenting clear, maintainable database
      backup & restore strategies; exposure to Red Gate SQL Backup a plus

      . Deploying database objects to multiple environments with one-off
      SQL scripts and from TFS;

      . Altering databases, as necessary, based on input from application

      . Maintaining database server security; granting/revoking/denying
      permissions as needed or required; controlling/monitoring user access to

      . Assisting development team by restoring cleansed copies of
      production databases

      . Maintaining third-party applications related to
      databases/reporting; experience with Tableau a plus; experience with
      WhereScape RED a huge plus

      Future Duties

      . Managing disk usage with database files and file groups

      . Allocating system/disk storage; planning future storage
      requirements for the database system

      . Designing/implementing high-availability/disaster recovery
      solutions such as mirroring, failover clustering, replication, and/or
      Always-On Availability

      . Monitoring /optimizing performance of databases and database

      . Working with the development team to design new database objects

      . Advising the development team on suggested improvements to their
      SQL scripts

      . Recommending/applying index changes (creating, dropping, altering)

      SmartDrive is an industry leader in the collection and analysis of
      vehicle-related data (such as fuel economy, GPS location, accelerometer
      triggers, speed, audio/video clips) for commercial vehicle fleets (including
      public mass-transit, trucking fleets, package courier fleets, and
      tour/limousine service vehicles). This data is used to review fleet
      practices, providing recommendations to improve driver performance and
      increase vehicle and passenger safety. Our easy-to-use managed service
      delivers sustainable savings to customers by empowering fleet managers to
      develop and maintain a smarter, safer driving fleet, with marked increase in
      fuel economy and dramatically lower costs associated with accident

      SmartDrive is based in San Diego, California and employs over 375 people
      worldwide. Please visit <http://www.smartdrive.net> www.smartdrive.net for
      more information.

      If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to
      <mailto:Bryan@...> Bryan@...

      Best Regards,

      Bryan Nguyen

      C: (858) 774-7477


      "To get somewhere you've never been, you have to do something you've never

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