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Salvia Divinorum can experienced through and emulated sound frequenc

Hello fellow Salvia Divinorum Exchange members! I'd like to share a forum that I am a part of which I think could be of quite an interest to everyone here. I
May 26, 2010

Re: cutting(s) to Montana

WHAT about Sagewisdom.com for cutting? ... __________________________________________________________________ Looking for the perfect gift? Give the gift of
iduff Gwinnutt
Mar 31, 2010

cutting(s) to Montana

Greetings! I am trying to find a couple cuttings to plant on the grave site of my beloved canine companion and teacher, Sage. I live in NW Montana. I have had
Mar 29, 2010

I Would Like A Cutting

Hey Salvia people i live in CA and was wondering if there are anybody that could send me a salvia cutting? they are very expensive and there is no where localy
Dec 7, 2009

Re: Growing

... Hey Ted, this forum is mostly dead....go to saliva source forum instead....lots of growers there. http://www.salviasource.org/index.php?page=Cultivation
Apr 2, 2008


Hi all, I would like to grow some salvia plants. I live in Houston, Texas, so if there is anyone close that can offer a cutting or seeds I would be grateful.
Mar 30, 2008

Re: Would You Help Me?

... english or scottish sources....or perhaps the Netherlands....good luck...Jupe
Oct 8, 2007

Would You Help Me?

Hi guys i'm new to this group would anyone send me a 'Live' cutting or maybe seed of salvia am living in middle east and all of my tries for cultivation failed
Mehdi Mousavi
Oct 7, 2007

looking for a place to buy salvia

i live in TN and can't buy any loacally. i was wondering if anyone knew of a shop in a surrounding state that i could buy some. i'll make a road trip. need
Aug 13, 2007

Re: Meditation &

water soluable "horticultural" oils works fine for mites....Ultra fine is a common brand name in the US....avoid using soaps, they will cause leaves to burn
Jul 13, 2007

Meditation &

I am interested in the effects of Salvia, and would like to propegate such. A brother I met has some clippings, but is afraid they are a bit mitey- he has
Jul 12, 2007

new member

Hi all im a newmember name is henry im 42yr male from indiana.have been useing sal for awhile but just got my own plants a few weeks ago 1 w/h and 1 blosser.so
Jun 25, 2007

Re: trade dried sally for? Seeds in the US mail.

duncan crow, Well thanks for the heads up...I haven't had a problem with seeds being sterile upon receiving by mail yet, but I will keep this in mind. I
Jun 11, 2007

Re: trade dried sally for? Seeds in the US mail.

... good point Duncan....I wonder if that applies within the states? I sent some salvia seeds in a flat envelope, the rollers squished some of them....Fed-Ex
Jun 8, 2007

Re: trade dried sally for? Seeds in the US mail.

Just to let you know that a few years ago I bought a bunch of Dream Herb and gathered hundreds of seeds from it to try and garden it -- not a one sprouted,
Duncan Crow
Jun 6, 2007
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