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Re: Recent spam... what to do?

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  • snow_beltreallydeep
    I am glad that this group is still around. I thought it had completely died out. I agree that moderators are a necessity. I haven t seen if this has any other
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 6, 2004
      I am glad that this group is still around. I thought it had
      completely died out.

      I agree that moderators are a necessity. I haven't seen if this has
      any other replies yet, so I will go ahead and volunteer to be a
      volunteer right now. If someone else already has, then no problem. If
      I'm the only person to reply, then I'd say I'll have a pretty easy
      job of it.

      I haven't read anything of Rushdie's since Fury. It wasn't my
      favourite. I thought it lacked the honesty of some of his other work.
      It seemed to me too much like a middle aged man's fantasy. The
      business with the web designers is awfully dated now...

      I read Rohinton Mistry's "A Fine Balance", and thought I saw a
      slight on "Midnight's Children". He referred to other Indian writers
      who had created some kind of mishmash concerning the enforced "birth
      control" measures in India during the '70's. I wish I could remember
      the quotation. Nevertheless, Rushdie's descriptions are fascinating.

      --- In salmanrushdie@yahoogroups.com, liquidmice <no_reply@y...>
      > Namaste/Greetings fellow Salman Rushdie group participants.
      > Discussion is at an all-time low... except for some recent spam!
      > purpose of this e-mail is to address the spam issue, welcome some of
      > our newer non-spamming members, and perhaps spark a little
      > discussion.
      > Regarding SPAM:
      > I banned one spammer only to have another (the same?) spammer send
      > the same message. The messages were deleted, but I know many people
      > have group postings sent to an e-mail address; so the deletion was a
      > day
      > late and a dollar short, so to speak. I don't want people
      > unsubscribing from the group
      > because of spam, so I'm considering making the group "moderated."
      > That way, if anyone
      > posts a message, a moderator will screen it and authorize it for
      > posting. Probably not
      > the biggest deal, what with the few messages that are posted these
      > days. I just figured I'd
      > run it by everyone to see what you all think. Anyone opposed to
      > group posts being
      > moderated? Anyone prefer moderators to getting occasional spam from
      > the group? Other
      > ideas? Anyone care to be a moderator?
      > New members:
      > This year (2004) we have gained a whopping 4 new group members!
      > hoo! Welcome!
      > Idle Chit chat:
      > Aside from our quiet little group being subjected to spam, not much
      > has been happening with Rushdie (At least not that I have heard.)
      > Anyone hear
      > news/rumors concerning Rushdie? Read anything good from Rushdie
      > any suggested
      > literature for that matter?) I myself have not been focused on Mr.
      > Rushdie's literature lately
      > as I have been trying to write a little myself as well as read some
      > other authors. I will be
      > attempting to post a few things this week, so make sure to come
      > the group page.
      > As always, p e a c e… and sorry about the spam!
      > -liquidmice ~( ):>
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