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  • liquidmice
    Sep 15, 2000
      Just finished reading "The Satanic Verses" which
      took me well over a month! I am now reading Midnight's
      Children for the second time. I began searching for
      Rushdie discussion groups/message boards to no avail. Saw
      all the author clubs on yahoo but no Salman
      Rushdie?!?!? I had to take action. I've never been in an 'on
      line club' before, but what a worthy cause! As a
      result of starting this club, I have been invited to and
      joined the Arundhati Roy club. <br><br> My first
      introduction to Rushdie was while I was traveling through
      India. I picked up a used copy of "Midnight's Children"
      at a used bookstore in Daramsala. Didn't know much
      about the author but the description of the book seemed
      fitting given my location at the time :) I was a solitary
      American traveler overcome and, at times, overwrought from
      the magic and mayhem of India. The sights sounds
      smells spirituality noise joys poverty pain smiles music
      food chai mangos... the endless list bombarded my
      senses, and I was unable to describe any of it. All of a
      sudden I found myself experiencing the literary
      equivalent of the India experience. The descriptions were so
      vivid at times, I wanted to cry. And I never even made
      it to Mumbai! I have waited for 4 years to re-read
      Midnight's Children, merely because I wanted to read it at a
      good time. A time where I feel stagnant and crave a
      mystical sensory overload. Please post any and all
      thoughts about Rushdie and his works, suggest other
      authors, share experience, teach Hindi/Urdu/etc, etc.
      <br>p e a c e<br>mf<br>3~<br>.
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