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159Re: the moor's last sigh

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  • liquidmice
    Nov 11, 2003
      Shame is amazing.You don't hear many people talk about that work, but it is one of
      my favorites. Make sure you check out prior posts as I recall some discussion on the
      book. Also, check out the unfinished 'Shame Page' http://home.earthlink.net/
      ~liquidmice/shamepage.html Also be sure to post back thoughts/impressions
      regarding the book.

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      > wrote:
      > > I read The Moor's Last Sigh once several years ago. I'm really not
      > that 'familiar' with
      > > the book. I can usually rant on incessantly about Rushdie's works,
      > but not the Moor's
      > > Last sigh. In either case it certainly deserves a re-read on my
      > part. Did you like it
      > > better than his other works? Any favorite parts of the novel?
      > i really like the characterizations, and how he explains that
      > each nation creates its own type of english. and there are
      > loads of funny parts, it's great how he can inject comedy into
      > melodramatic scenes. i like the part when the dog of the main
      > character's uncle died, he had it stuffed, put a wheel on each
      > foot and would still walk it on the streets as if it were
      > alive, for me that is sad and amusing at the same time.
      > yes it's my favorite book from rushdie, as of now. i've already
      > read "midnight's children," "the satanic verses," and "the
      > ground beneath her feet," the latter, i found dragging because
      > it's so well-researched. and also i can relate to the "the moor's
      > last sigh" better because i'm a graphic designer, i love art. i
      > think this is just based on my personal experiences.
      > i like to buy and read "shame" next, have you read it already?
      > is it any good?
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