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153Re: Haroun and the Sea of Stories

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  • liquidmice
    Oct 10, 2003
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      Good timingÂ… I just finished Haroun about 3 months ago. So at
      least you and I can generate some banter on one of Rushdie's
      least popular works. `Haroun And The Sea Of Stories' is
      Rushdie's attempt at a children's story. So, if you
      didn't know that going into the read, you probably had a pretty
      bizarre experience. My thoughts are as follows: Haroun is a
      rather complex (for a children's book) fairytale about the magic
      land where stories/tales/imagination originate. The fairytale is
      an allegory for the creative process of storytelling. Rushdie toys
      around with the idea of creative energies and destructive
      energies, and weaves an intricate tale of their battle. Obviously
      Rushdie is referencing his own experience with the destructive
      energies that violently reacted to his most famous tale `The
      Satanic Verses.'

      When taken in the context of a children's tale, I think the book
      is a successful, playful creation.

      If you have any interest in movies, I HIGHLY suggest checking
      out Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet's film `THE CITY OF LOST
      CHILDREN.' Caro and Jeunet are best known for the film
      `Amelie.' `THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN' is a bizarre
      tale about a mad scientist who cannot dream and therefore
      kidnaps children in an attempt to tap into their dreams. The film
      closely parallels Haroun, so much so that you may wonder if
      Caro and Jeunet were inspired by Rushdie's story. LOST
      CHILDREN is a French film, so get the DVD if possible so that
      you may hear it dubbed in English. Please please please write
      back if you see the film. I will be interested in your reaction to
      the film and interested to see if it helps to clarify Rushdie's
      motivation in Haroun.

      P.S. What inspired you to pick up Haroun?

      p e a c e

      drmasyed wrote:
      > Just finished it. Have no idea what the point to this book is.
      > HELP!
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