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128Re: The Satanic Verses

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  • snow_beltreallydeep
    Jan 9, 2002
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      I will keep my eyes open for your suggested
      title. With the controversy over The Satanic Verses we
      heard that Christianity hasn't been maligned in novels,
      and if it were, Christians would be very vocal in
      protesting such a novel.<br><br><br>Not Wanted On the Voyage
      by Timothey Findlay is quite the version of Noah's
      Ark, and although I'm not a Christian, I kept glancing
      over my shoulder, on the look out for lightening bolts
      all the time I was reading it. (It is a brilliant
      book.)<br><br>I'm reading a John Updike novel now, "Toward the End
      of Time", seemingly written around the same time as
      The Satanic Verses, although the copyright date is
      1997. Updike's main character also moves through time,
      and becomes a main character in Biblical stories.
      Updike's work has a theological approach as well, and he
      also questions accepted dogma. <br><br><br>I haven't
      finished it yet, but I wonder if anyone else in this
      discussion group has read it, and seen a similarity.
      <br><br> How does Milan Kundera react to these "profane"
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