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2002 - Resolutions

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  • Salman Sher Mohammad
    Total Success in 2002! This week, millions of people will make Resolutions that will eventually disappoint them. The majority of those Resolutions will be
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      Total Success in 2002!

      This week, millions of people will make Resolutions that will eventually disappoint them.  The majority of those Resolutions will be quickly forgotten, or relegated to the pile of "wishes" that never came true, but even sadder, some people will achieve their goal only to be disappointed. 

      We live in a time when in many ways, "success" is far too easy.  Using credit, anyone can create the appearance of success.  Television taunts us with wealth, and infomercials promise easy, instant success through a hundred "secret" systems.  By defining "success" in terms of money, things, popularity or mere notoriety, many people have achieved a kind of success that is ineffective and unfulfilling.

      From the beginning of time, the great thinkers have told us that happiness is an "inside job", that joy and fulfillment come from living "on purpose", and pursuing our highest and best aspirations.  Whether the measure of success was a gold nugget, or the latest electronic toy, external measures of success always disappoint.  They grow old, gather dust, break down, get stolen, or the batteries go dead.

      Now, lest there be any misunderstanding, let me quickly say that I am a profound believer in the power of goals and aspirations!  I love dreams!  Visions of future achievements inspire and motivate us.  They tell us what's possible, and they challenge us to do and become our best. 

      What I dislike are Resolutions that are unworthy of us!  I detest them!  They waste our time and distract us.  They burden us with challenges that get us nowhere.  They tempt us to pursue phantoms.  They, literally, waste our lives.

      Take time this week to write down your Resolutions for the New Year.  Take time to dream, to think big thoughts, to imagine a new world!  Take time to commit to the projects and challenges that add meaning to your life. 

      Just please, don't settle!  Don't settle for goals that focus on losing a few pounds or making a few dollars. 
      Don't settle for Resolutions that are too easy, to small, too trivial. 

      Challenge yourself to be bigger than that!  Challenge yourself to use all of your potential, all of your talent, all of your abilities!

      Here are a few areas you might want to consider:

      1.   List the books you will read this year.
      2.   Imagine a world of peace and generosity
      3.   Experience more love, joy, and intimacy in your life
      4.   Enlarge your sense of humor, your passion, your enthusiasm
      5.   Stretch the boundaries of your spirituality
      6.   Be happy
      7.   Stress less, live more
      8.   Spend and consume less, save and invest more
      9.   Explore the upper limits of health and well-being
      10.  Stand up, speak out, risk more
      11.  Write poetry, paint, compose your own symphony
      12.  Play and laugh
      13.  Take on an impossible challenge
      14.  Settle less often
      15.  Do more
      16.  Make more mistakes
      17.  Learn more
      18.  Embody the attitude of gratitude
      19.  Laugh more
      20.  Work hard, rest often

      We do not know the upper limits of our spirituality.  We do not know the limits of love, or how vast our compassion, patience and generosity can be.  Science has not established the boundaries of our dreams, or the limits of hope.  We have begun to explore outer space, but we know nothing of the outer limits of happiness, contentment, fulfillment.

      This year, Resolve to explore these things, to achieve more, learn more, and become your "Best Ever"!  You may end up doing more, or less.  You may make more money, or less.  You may work harder, or not at all.  It doesn't matter!  What matters is that you live well, that you explore the limits of total success in your own way, in your own life.  That is my wish for you - and for me - in 2002.  Happy New Year!

      "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."
         --  T. S. Eliot

      "Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values."
         --  Ayn Rand

      "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world."
         --  Anne Frank

      "Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not."
         --  George Bernard Shaw


      §ålmäñ §hèr MøhãmmâÐ
           If you want to feel rich,
         Just count all of the things
      You have that money can't buy
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