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Time to start thinking about Aki

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  • Kuramarujo
    Fellow Blossomers, We re creeping up on Aki. There s no major rush but it s time to start thinking about thinking about the basho. I haven t updated the web
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2006
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      Fellow Blossomers,

      We're creeping up on Aki. There's no major rush but it's time to start
      thinking about thinking about the basho. I haven't updated the web site
      with everyone new ranks (guess why) but that's something I want to get
      to soon. The main thing is to try and see who will be able to
      participate. I'm definitely hoping that Rannohana, Sofuidoufu,
      Tatsunoiki, Sarunojima and Mikanoyama can all play. We need the power
      and stability of our Ozeki and the fresh blood of the new bunch. This
      doesn't mean everyone else is off the hook. It would be fantastic of we
      had 100% participation but as long as we can scrape together 10 it's ok.

      There's something else I wanted to mention. If you look on
      Takanorappa's Ichimon page <http://takanorappa.com/ichimons.htm>, you
      will see that Sakura is well represented in the list of highs and lows
      of Ichimondom. Even in Nagoya we had record days. Day 14 we scored the
      best ITA points while day 15 saw us set a record in futility with ZERO
      wins. But if you look closely you will see that we tend to favor odd
      numbers over even numbers. Especially the year. This should mean that
      '07 will see great things happen. However, since Aki is an odd numbered
      basho I'm feeling good about our chances this time. If we all gambarize
      out the wazoo maybe we can at least teach that cold and harsh Ichimon
      that we won't take what happened in Nagoya lying down!

      Let there be blossoms!

      Joe "Kuramarujo" Klemmer
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