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The Sakura Last Year's Calendar Page Contest

Greetings fellow Sakurans! I finally got around to checking the standing and it would seem that Chabo wins the calendar page this time around. It is a lovely
Benjamin Guthrie
Jun 2, 2014

I'm in... also, a question.

I'm in fellow sakurans, despite having my computer having died on me. Totally kaputz. Thank god for work computers! Anyway, I had a quick question. Anyone know
Benjamin Guthrie
May 8, 2014

Re: oh look, it's almost basho time!

Sorry guys. I'm definitely out until September. :-( Just too many things going on and I hate it when I drone half the basho. Daifuku
Mike Charlton
May 6, 2014

oh look, it's almost basho time!

hi sakurans! it's basho time again, and i'm behind schedule in preparations (again). who's in? i'll probably start looking at who's good for this basho at some
May 5, 2014

Re: really brief what's up in sakura

So, it looks like Andonishiki is heading for his second claiming of the calendar page. Which I still haven't been able to send him his first page... so I guess
Benjamin Guthrie
Mar 22, 2014

really brief what's up in sakura

hi folks! sorry about the no sakura emails this basho. but here's one quick before i go to bed! it looks like we are 7 active for the basho, and we're not
Mar 21, 2014

Re: So, I seem to have forgotten about something.

sorry about the sakura emails, hopefully i will get one out tomorrow. it's bed time and i'm just getting to my day 5 gyoji'ing duties. bad me! (i mean, this
Mar 13, 2014

So, I seem to have forgotten about something.

Hello fellow Sakurans! How is your basho going? Mine goes well, as I got to see opening day live. It was glorious. I was with my brother and his wife who had
Benjamin Guthrie
Mar 13, 2014


hi folks, i got all wrapped up in stuff i was doing real world, and totally forgot about the existence of the basho until just this morning. (in time to see
Mar 10, 2014

in response to my own email

i lied, it's more like 14 hours to deadline. and then i checked the banzuke, and it looks like we are at 6 active at the moment. currently sekihiryu,
Mar 6, 2014

it's already basho time! (who's in, who you playing, and recruitment

hi sakurans! as of when i am writing this, you only have about a day to get your entries in (i think?), so get on it! this leads me to my usual basho
Mar 6, 2014

Re: sakura day 15!!!!!!

GO SAKURAAAAA ! WE ARE BACK ! Big Big time ! Yuuuuuuuushoooooooo unbelievable ;) plus Saruyama jun-yusho and #1 in MCP which is simply brilliant ! my two
Jan 26, 2014

sakura day 15!!!!!!

hello again! ok then, we're back. i still don't know how a lot of things went for us on day 15, so i'll go figure that stuff out now... and we're back! first
Jan 26, 2014

quick sakura day 14

hi! since i'm behind with this one, it's going to be really quick. and then i'll put out the day 15 hopefully soon hereafter. and then later, fun stuff like
Jan 26, 2014

Well if I had to lose to someone.

Congrats Andonishiki, it was a really close one, but you edged me out with a single point difference in the playoff. Well played sir. I'm not sure, but I think
Benjamin Guthrie
Jan 26, 2014
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