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3403I'm in... also, a question.

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  • Benjamin Guthrie
    May 8 1:41 AM
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      I'm in fellow sakurans, despite having my computer having died on me. Totally kaputz. Thank god for work computers!

      Anyway, I had a quick question. Anyone know which of the forums is monitored by the moderators of the different sumo games? Sekitori-toto is a complete mess. The current banzuke can STILL only be accessed from Super Banzuke, not from the link you get when you enter the backdoor to get to the entry page (front page still has all broken links). On top of this, that banzuke is now the Turn The Tide banzuke, not the Sekitori Toto one. I love the game, but I think it's time somebody starts suggesting it be pulled from the Super Banzuke until it gets even a minimum of maintenance. It is pretty nearly dead despite how many players have found there way to the entry page to play for the last several basho.

      Does anybody else feel that one of the problems with the decline in sumo gaming is the fact that so many of the websites look like they arrived through a time warp from the year 2000? And that others are barely functioning? Okay, I'll stop now. /rant

      Saruyama (THE monkey who will be playing this basho via work computers and his iPhone)