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3398Re: [sakura_ichimon] So, I seem to have forgotten about something.

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  • chabo
    Mar 13, 2014
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      sorry about the sakura emails, hopefully i will get one out tomorrow. it's bed time and i'm just getting to my day 5 gyoji'ing duties. bad me! (i mean, this was actually totally my fault, because my mrs found the Gamera 1999 movie on youtube, and we watched that this evening. so i could have done this earlier. but, gamera.)

      anyway, i have to get my team in before it's too late!


      On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 10:57 AM, Benjamin Guthrie <archbishopshaggy@...> wrote:

      Hello fellow Sakurans!

      How is your basho going? Mine goes well, as I got to see opening day live. It was glorious. I was with my brother and his wife who had been visiting Japan for the last 2 months. Which brings me to why I've been super busy for the last 2 months. And this brings me to an apology... to Andonishiki. I never got around to getting your address to send you your well earned calendar page. It is Baruto from the Jan. / Feb. page on last years calendar. So, yeah, sorry buddy. If you send me an email at archbishopshaggy@..., I will get that out in the mail to you. Also, this month is another contest for a calendar page. So.... who's leading Sakura this time around?

      Go Sakura!

      Saruyama (THE forgetful monkey)

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