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3394it's already basho time! (who's in, who you playing, and recruitment email?)

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  • chabo
    Mar 6, 2014
      hi sakurans!

      as of when i am writing this, you only have about a day to get your entries in (i think?), so get on it! 

      this leads me to my usual basho questions:

      1. who's in? as for my house, Chibi was out, but now she's contemplating getting back in. we'll see, but i won't count on her participation for this basho. others? how's it all going, are folks getting their teams ready?

      2. anyone have ideas on who looks good this basho? i went through the banzuke, and didn't see a whole lot of folks popping out at me that look good for this basho. here's my initial team:


      miyogiryu (is he healthy?)

      i also thought about takayasu, maybe ikioi? i'm not sure, and should go through it all again. if anybody's got any good suggestions, i'm ready to listen. 

      and aside from all that, shall we give a recruitment letter a go? i will put one together unless someone else wants to step in. let me know!

      go sakura!