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3392sakura day 15!!!!!!

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  • chabo
    Jan 26, 2014
      hello again!

      ok then, we're back. i still don't know how a lot of things went for us on day 15, so i'll go figure that stuff out now... and we're back!

      first thing's first: darn you Jakusotsu! (and not just for sekihiryu, but also for the Sarunojima-Aminoumi matchup! )

      ok, here's the daily totals:
      day 1 - 6:3 - 6-3
      day 2 - 3:6 - 9-9
      day 3 - 6:3 - 15-12
      day 4 - 3:6 - 18-18
      day 5 - 6:3 - 24-21
      day 6 - 8:1(!) - 32-22
      day 7 - 4:5 - 36-27
      day 8 - 6:3 - 42-30
      day 9 - 4:5 - 46-35 
      day 10- 4:5 - 50-40
      day 11- 5:4 - 55-44
      day 12- 5:4 - 60-48
      day 13- 3:6 - 63-54
      day 14- 6:3 - 69-57
      day 15- 5-4 - 74-61 (finishing with our best +/-, yay!)

      so then, 74-61 as an ichimon, i like that. we did well, go us! also, to get there, we had 9 winning days versus 6 losing, so yay for that too! the day was 5-4, and that's once again, not too shabby. so once again, while it was a pretty good basho over all, a quick look suggests that day 6 really made the basho for us. that was half of our +/- for the basho, so hooray for day 6!

      as for today, we came in with a bunch of stuff on the line. we had 4 folks still undecided between their kk's and mk's, and two fighting on the last day for the Juryo yusho. among the 4 with their fates as yet undecided, we had two facing each other. this is why i cursed Jakusotsu earlier, as, you see, he is makushita torikumi-maker, and therefore is the one who decided Aminoumi and Sarunojima would face each other. the result of the bout was a 5-4 win for Aminoumi, and loss for Sarunojjima. so that's 1-1. then later, already kachi koshi Jakusotsu himself faced and defeated sekihiryu, sending seki-zeki to a make koshi of his own, and so down into makushita for natsu. that put us at 1-2 on the day, and 4-4 for kk's/mk's headed into my bout. luckily, very luckily, i won (with a .131 mcp) and managed to get my kachi koshi. so whew. 

      and then a little bit later, if i remember correctly, there were two non-sakurans at 10-3, both of whom lost. conversely, both Saruyama and andonishiki won, thus sending them to a juryo kettei-sen. and that was super close, with andonishiki winning by a single point over Saruyama. so, Juryo yusho and sole jun-yusho to us, and Saruyama and andonishiki should both be in makuuchi for next basho. but we'll talk more about that stuff in another email. 

      also, on the last day Saruyama was able to hold onto his top spot, and win the MCP, and by a pretty nice margin, too. my terrible day allowed me to be passed over by 3 different folks, and end up in a tie for 5th place, which isn't bad. i just want to point out one last time that my gaffe on whatever day that was cose me i think .550ish points, and with those points i would have held onto 2nd place. darn clerical mistake! also, we managed to not have anyone in the bottom 5 of MCP, so yay for that, too!

      so then, sekihiryu's final movie quote of the basho:
      What's your excuse private?....excuse for what sir???
      that sounds like Forrest Gump. is yes?

      and then for our senshuraku sakuran of the day? well, heck, all of us! great bench-sumoing this basho, sakurans! 

      Bout 1 - Aminoumi (ms19E) 5 [8-7] WIN! and loss Sarunojima (ms22E) 4 [7-8] (KK! and mk today)
      Bout 5 - Chijanofuji (ms12E) 8 [6-9] loss Daifuku (ms20E) 6 [5-10]
      Bout 13 - Fuheika (ms4E) 4 [6-9] WIN! kamogawa (ms13W) 5 [9-6]
      Bout 19 - Jakusotsu (J8E) 5 [9-6] loss sekihiryu (J14E) 4 [7-8] (mk today)
      Bout 20 - chabonowaka (J13W) 2 [8-7WIN! Terarno (J6W) 0 [7-8] (kk today!)
      Bout 22 - Bunijiman (J8W) 3 [6-9] loss Rubensan (J5W) 2 [6-9]
      Bout 25 - Saruyama (J4E) 8 [12-3WIN! chishafuwaku (J13E) 0 [8-7]
      Bout 27 - andonishiki (J3E) 6 [12-3WIN! Wamahada (J14W) 3 [10-5]

      i think i'll leave it at this, and i invite whatever other commentary anyone else wants to add. if i don't get massively distracted, i should be back in a few days (if not sooner) with another wrap-up type email, and maybe discuss possible banzuke positions and such things. 

      all for now,

      chabo!!! go sakura!!!!!

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