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3375RE: [sakura_ichimon] sakura day 4

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  • Benjamin Guthrie
    Jan 15, 2014
      I would just like to add a short update on the calendar page derby.

      In the lead is.... me... with 4 wins.

      However, giving myself a page of a calendar I already have would be kind of silly, that leaves the leader for the calendar as....

      Andonishiki and Sarunojima with 3 wins a piece. I will have to consult the MCP charts to see which of the two is truly in the lead.

      It's still anybody's game here though.

      To: sakura_ichimon@yahoogroups.com
      From: munkykiller@...
      Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 10:51:34 -0500
      Subject: [sakura_ichimon] sakura day 4


      hi sakurans!

      i think i asked this before, but i don't remember, and i don't feel like doing the 30 seconds of work to figure it out, so i'll ask again. (who's lazy?) are Aminoumi and kamogawa getting sakura emails? if not, we should get them on the list. 

      so, today. we did our same reversal yet again, so that's 6-3 then 3-6 then 6-3 then 3-6. which puts us at .500 for the basho. again. things started out ok, 1-1 in the first two, Sarunojima winning on the bench. then we hit a tiny bit of a rough patch, in which we lost 5 straight matches, 3 on the bench. so really, this is a lot more like the opposite of day 1, where we went 6-3, including 3-1 on the bench. but then andonishiki and Saruyama did what they could to save the day, winning the last two for us. 

      the rip-off of the day was sekihiryu's match. he had the 7th best lineup of the day, and lost on the bench to the 5th best lineup of the day. poop, i say!

      what did sekihiryu say? (nice segue, eh?) 
      Houston, we have a problem
      chabo knows this one. and it was that kid from Big who said it, too. :)

      i haven't been doing sakuran of the day. today i will. and i'm going to stick with the theme of talking about sekihiryu, because even though he lost, 7th best of the day isn't bad. unfair!!!

      here's your bout-by-bout

      Bout 2 - Yamashade (ms17E) 12 [4-0] loss Aminoumi (ms19E) 10 [2-2]
      Bout 7 - Sarunojima (ms22E) 12 [3-1] WIN! Chisaiyama (ms14W) 12 [2-2]
        Sarunojima wins on the fourth bench rikishi.
      Bout 8 - Marushiki (ms13E) 12 [2-2] loss Daifuku (ms20E) 9 [0-4]
      Bout 9 - Gawasukotto (ms16E) 12 [4-0] loss kamogawa (ms13W) 10 [2-2]
      Bout 18 - Wamahada (J14W) 12 [3-1] loss chabonowaka (J13W) 12 [2-2]
        Wamahada wins on the third bench rikishi.
      Bout 19 - sekihiryu (J14E) 14 [1-3] loss Haidouzo (J12W) 14 [2-2]
        Haidouzo wins on the third bench rikishi.
      Bout 26 - Maguroyama (J5E) 12 [2-2] loss Rubensan (J5W) 12 [1-3]
        Maguroyama wins on the third bench rikishi.
      Bout 28 - Itachi (J2E) 10 [3-1] WIN! andonishiki (J3E) 12 [3-1]
      Bout 30 - Saruyama (J4E) 12 [4-0] WIN Hana-ichi (J1W) 11 [1-3]

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