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  • Benjamin Guthrie
    Dec 5, 2013
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      Hello fellow Sakurans,

      I had a couple quick things I wanted to mention. First, this year I ended up with 2 sumo calendars thanks to a bit of randomness. So one I kept pristine as a souvenir, and the other I used, which meant tearing off a page every 2 months. So now I have all these pages of this years sumo calendar. And this got me thinking....

      Announcing the 2014 Sakura Ichimon 2013 sumo calendar battle!!! (Name subject to change, because holy balls that's a mouthful)

      Here is how it works. For each basho, the Sakuran with the best record will receive the corresponding calendar page from 2013. One of them has Baruto, so that should be a cool one! I will mail them out to whoever the winner is. Considering the cost, I will fold it up (sorry) and put it in a regular envelope, unless anyone has a better idea that won't incur a package fee via the Japan Post.

      I am accepting comments on this. Like, should we use MCP score, wins-losses, etc. Also should we announce this battle in the regular Bench Sumo mailing list as a recruitment tool? These are things we should decide.

      Second thing. Does anyone know who is running the sumogames web stuff at this time? I ask because I have a friend coming to visit for a month at my place, and she is a fantastic website designer / admin / guru / whatever you call these people these days. Since she is staying rent free while here, I should be able to get a favor out of her, and thought I might use this to offer her help to get the sumogames websites back up to their full glory. As I know those running them seem to have a ton on their plate and would probably be happy to get the help.

      Okay, these 2 things weren't so quick. Sorry about that.

      Saruyama (THE monkey with a plan for 2014)
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