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3348chabonowaka day 9 lineup

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  • chabo
    Nov 17, 2013
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      hi achiyama (and sakura!)

      i can't get to the server, so i'm sending in my lineup to Achiyama, the makushita day 9 gyoji. also, because i don't know his ability to handle this sort of overload (no offence! just being cautious!) i'm copying sakura, as this also includes Jejima, who is likely super busy also. 

      so, my lineup is like so:

      4 Hakuho
      3 Kisenosato
      3 Goeido
      2 Chiyotairyu
      2 Myogiryu
      bench: Shotenro, Gagamaru, Endo, Tokitenku, Shohozan

      comment: eek, server down! good luck to the gyoji, also, good luck to me and the rest of the Sakura Ichimon! go us!