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3342sakura day 4

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  • chabo
    Nov 13, 2013
      hi again sakurans!

      first and foremost, congratulations to andonishiki for his first appearance on the super banzuke!!!! that's excellent. now we sakurans should strive to emulate you. :) i'd like to join you on the banzuke, but i'll be a long, long road. i'm not even sure what all of the games are anymore. waaaaay back in the first superbanzuke, when there were just a couple of games, and not as many players, i was ranked in makuuchi. i fell off the map after that, and haven't been seen since. but digressing, yay andonishiki!

      ok, on to today.

      today wasn't so great. we had another 2-5, so that drops us to 10-18. but i don't want to focus on the bad, so i'll let you know there were some good things that happened today. we all found about andonishiki and the superbanzuke! also, sekihiryu won, his first of the basho. i won too, and with a perfect score, so that's nice. 

      also, today sekihiryu quoth:
      Do you leave a light on after bedtime? Because I get a little
      scared in the dark sometimes. If it's a strange place.
      and in response, chabo has no idea. so i'll go look it up: oh, it's been a long time since i saw that movie. great movie. 

      aside from that, not a lot to report, plus i did some gg'ing, so i should probably be working. :) so here's your bout-by-bout results

      Bout 2 - Daifuku (ms22W) 9 [1-3] loss Aminoumi (ms19W) 11 [1-3]
      Bout 4 - Marushiki (ms17E) 12 [3-1] loss kamogawa (ms18E) 7 [2-2]
      Bout 10 - Kyodaitimu (ms14W) 12 [3-1] Win! chabonowaka (ms8W) 14 [2-2]
      Bout 21 - kuroimori (J11W) 7 [2-2] Win! sekihiryu (J9W) 10 [1-3]
      Bout 24 - Saruyama (J5E) 12 [2-2] loss toonoryu (J6W) 12 [2-2]
        toonoryu wins on the first bench rikishi.
      Bout 28 - Rubensan (J4E) 10 [1-3] loss Doitsuyama (J1W) 12 [4-0]
      Bout 32 - andonishiki (M16E) 12 [1-3] loss Watashi (M14W) 12 [2-2]
        Watashi wins on the fourth bench rikishi.

      go sakura!!!! hopefully we do better on day 5. go us!!
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