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3336sakura day 1!!!!!

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  • chabo
    Nov 10, 2013
      hi sakurans!!

      ok then, your loudmouth has been drinking again today. i've been hitting the India Pale Ales again, this time a local brew from the company Troegs. it's called Perpetual IPA, and it's a 7.5%, solidly hoppy, bitter brew. top notch, if you ask me, and also brewed within an hour of my house. 

      translation: i'm tipsy. so this will be less than stellar, as reports go. anyway, here's how it went down:

      oh, first, we're doing pretty good this basho, with 7 active. so yay! chibi was in kind of a mood on the last day for signups, so we didn't get that done. but she says that with enough warning, she's in next time. ok, back to the results:

      Bout 2 - Hotaru (ms22E) 9 [0-1] WIN! Daifuku (ms22W) 9 [1-0]
        Daifuku wins on the third bench rikishi.
      Bout 5 - kamogawa (ms18E) 10 [1-0] WIN! Hidariashiyama (ms18W) 10 [0-1]
        kamogawa wins on the third bench rikishi.
      Bout 13 - chishafuwaku (ms8E) 14 [1-0] loss chabonowaka (ms8W) 12 [0-1]
      Bout 22 - Robocopthat (J8E) 11 [1-0] loss sekihiryu (J9W) 9 [0-1]
      Bout 25 - Saruyama (J5E) 10 [0-1] loss Terarno (J5W) 14 [1-0]
      Bout 26 - Rubensan (J4E) 12 [0-1] loss Hana-ichi (J4W) 12 [1-0]
        Hana-ichi wins on the first bench rikishi.
      Bout 30 - andonishiki (M16E) 11 [0-1] loss mischashimaru (M16W) 14 [1-0]

      so, day 1:

      2-5 for a total of 

      not a great day 1, but hey, we started off strong, didn't we? the bench wins by Daifuku and kamogawa keep us from opening up too deep a hole on day 1.

      on another note, i have a vague memory that ando-zeki thought he might be bringing on a new sakuran for the basho. andonishiki, did i make that up in my head, or is that real? 

      anyway, as mentioned, i'm tipsy, so i'm going to leave it at this. but let's all go out and kick some butt on day 2!

      go sakura!!


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