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3327Re: [sakura_ichimon] In for Kyushu

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  • chabo
    Nov 6, 2013
      i just got in, so maybe try again? if it still doesn't work, it might be something to do with inactive users. and if it continues to be a problem, maybe send a note to Doitsuyama. 

      chabo - in, but i still have to get chibi_imo signed up. 

      On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 2:08 AM, Benjamin Guthrie <archbishopshaggy@...> wrote:

      I had that same problem last night. But today when I tried again from my work computer it was fine. Not sure what's up. Try sending an email to the list. See if anyone else is running into the problem. 


      Sent from my iPhone

      On Nov 5, 2013, at 4:05 PM, "Mike Charlton" <mikekchar@...> wrote:


      Umm... Every time I try to do anything on the login screen all the buttons are greyed out.  I thought it was just too early, but now I guess it really is a problem...  Any ideas what the problem could be?

      Koishi (hoping to participate!)

      On 5 November 2013 05:52, Benjamin Guthrie <archbishopshaggy@...> wrote:

      I didn't forget this time. Got my entry in before the deadline. Yay!

      For Sanyaku, I went with Hakuho, Kisenosato, Goeido, and Shohozan, and feel very strongly about these picks.

      For Maegashira, I went with Takayashu, Aoiyama, Kaisei, Ikioi, Tokitenku, and Gagamaru. I feel less strongly about these, but I think they are decent lads to pick this time around. Especially Ikioi. I'm all about that pick. And hopefully Gagamaru has pulled his head out of his ass, at where he's at he "should" destroy the competition. Anyway, get your picks in guys! Let's get official for this one!


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