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3318Re: [sakura_ichimon] we're not dead yet

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  • sekihiryu
    Sep 24, 2013
      yep, I'm still floating around, might even manage to hold onto to Juryo status this basho....

      On 21/09/2013 01:39, chabo wrote:
      howdy all,

      i'm back actually participating in my first bench basho in a good long while, i mean actually participating. looks like things in chabo's world are calming down a bit, and hopefully this can be more of a regular occurrence. i've said things like that before though, so we'll see.

      so, what i've done is i've gone and checked who else is currently benching, and it looks like we're pretty darn small these days, for active folks. to the tune of 4 this basho. 

      active sakurans are:


      saruyama juuuuust missed the deadline, so he's out for this basho. chibi is showing increasing interest, and i'll call her a 50/50 for november. but then, with my recent attendance rates, i can't be considered anything above that myself. 

      i'm not sure when the last participation was for the others. do any other still consider themselves active participants in the game? rannohana? k-jo? sarunojima? kamogawa? daifuku? anyone else who's been gone longer?

      holler back if you're still alive in the world of sakura/bench


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