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3309back in for the basho

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  • chabo
    Jul 4, 2013
      hi folks! 

      long time no speak. i'm kind of back in for this basho, in that i've already signed up, but my participation will only be mildly better than in the last few months. 

      no chibi_imo this basho, but she does apologize for that. on the fun but not helpful side, we are headed in about 5 hours for the airport, and from there to Austin, Texas for a convention she really wanted to go to. 

      we've had some unsettled times in our lives better part of the last year, but i think (hope) things are settling enough that i can ramp up my participation. i've been thinking that way for a while though, without results, so we'll see how it actually goes.  

      at the very least, i'm in for the basho. i'll probably be terrible though. 

      best of luck to all,

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