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3303Re: [sakura_ichimon] Who's in?

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  • ando
    Mar 7, 2013
      Kamogawa & me are in,
      probably we might get one addition, but not sure yet.... 
      Greets from Kyushu where I'm still in women's medical facilities ;-0)))
      coz my son was born on March 5th.

      I will be at the Osaka basho for two days and you'll get live comments and pictures. Not sure yet which days, probably day 10,11 or 12.

      most likely line-up:
      Hakuho, Kise, Gö (Osaka native), Ozan
      Oki, T-waka, Aoi, Toyo, Sada & gaga??
      maybe tenho, myogi or takekaze...
      any thoughts welcome !


      Andreas Bruckner
      +49-172-655 0704

      Am 08.03.2013 um 03:52 schrieb chabo <munkykiller@...>:

      hi all, 

      i'm one of the mysterious disappearing sakurans, come back once again from the neverwheres, and trying to participate in this basho. i will also ask chibi_imo if she wants to participate, and i think i'll get a yes. 

      i saw k-jo's email, andonishiki will be in i'm sure, what of the others? i haven't even been around to know who's been participating. i did see an email thread on the list about sakura's record of non-participation, but still haven't read it, as i found it kind of depressing, and figured i'd get back to it, and maybe try to respond to the group. perhaps i'll get to that today?

      just as an aside, as i mentioned briefly to andonishiki a little while back, last time i had any sort of contact with anyone bench related, we've been going through some stuff at home, and it's been difficult and time consuming, but we're hopefully turning a corner, and i'll get to do more of this sort of stuff. 

      but, again, at the very least, i'll field a (probably  terrible) team this basho, and with any luck, i'll try to start marching back up toward the paid ranks. which will, of course require a much better participation record than i've fielded recently.



      On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 9:14 AM, Benjamin Guthrie <archbishopshaggy@...> wrote:

      Hello fellow Sakurans,

      How are you? Have you entered for the Haru Basho yet? Are we gonna field 10 this time? How bout those daily Sakuran emails, think we can resurrect those? Do I need to get out my cheerleading pom-poms and sexy monkey skirt to get everyone fired up and ready? Because trust me, nobody wants to see that. Not even my girlfriend. So, let's get sounding off here guys... and gals? Do we still have any gals active?

      Lets do this!

      Saruyama (THE monkey who you don't want to see in a skirt)

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