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3296sakura day 1

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  • chabo
    Sep 10, 2012
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      hi sakurans:

      Day 1: 3-3

      well, as mentioned, we're only 6 active for this basho, but we're a tough bunch, let's see if we can do some good sumo, shall we? 

      we started off pretty badly on day 1, losing our first 3 bouts. but then we turned it around and the paid kids all won, so we finished even at 3-3. 

      i haven't much else to say than that, and i'm behind schedule, so we'll skip right to sekihiryu's comment:

      sekihiryu said:
      Pardon me, this way is a very nice way.....It's pleasant down
      that way, too......
       Of course, some people do go both ways
      chabo guesses: actually, chabo has no idea. anyone else?

      let's see, sakuran of the day? we could go with any of the winners, but i like in this case andonishiki, for sealing our non-make koshi day. thanks for finishing the cleanup from the mess us little kids made! :)

      and here's your bout-by-bout:

      Bout 2 - Shibatayama (sd13E) 11 [1-0] loss Sarunojima (sd13W) 7 [0-1]
      Bout 3 - Kofujinokami (sd12E) 9 [1-0]  loss kamogawa (sd12W) 6 [0-1]
      Bout 18 - chabonowaka (ms13E) 10 [0-1]  loss kuroimori (ms15E) 12 [1-0]
      Bout 33 - sekihiryu (J10E) 12 [1-0] WIN! Bill (J10W) 11 [0-1]
      Bout 41 - Metzinowaka (J1E) 10 [0-1]  WIN! Saruyama (J1W) 12 [1-0]
      Bout 43 - mischashimaru (M15E) 9 [0-1]  WIN! andonishiki (M15W) 11 [1-0]

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