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  • chabo
    Sep 10, 2012
      hi kids! 

      we're a very small ichimon this time. we've gone from 11 to 8 to 6 active in the last couple of bashos, something we'll have to reverse! 

      i'm guilty myself of doing my in-between-basho disappearing act. sorry about that. but now that we're in active mode, i'm back. i'll be getting to work on the days 1 and 2 sakura emails shortly, but this is just a quick howdy. 

      so, howdy. 

      good luck to the actives, and hopefully see you next time to the inactives. 

      one last thing, we'll have to look through the banzuke, see if there's anyone we can hit up for a direct recruitment campaign, like a few bashos back with ihopeso, but hopefully with better results. :)

      all for now,