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3291Sakura day 14/15 Nagoya basho 2012

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  • ando
    Jul 22, 2012
      Dear pink warriors of the sandy dohyo of humid Nagoya,

      day 14 and 15 brought two 4:4 draws for us.
      Sarunojima and daifuku won both days and are therefore Sakurana of the day !

      In total we end this basho 49:71, one kachikoshi and seven other results.
      Everyone got at least 5 wins, so we avoided katastrophes like Hochiyama or Kyokutenho.

      In light of our great success from May and our reduced number due to holiday season,
      let's consider this a small step back (like in cha-cha) within a much larger action of moving forward; simply unstoppable towards the glorious flag of ICF.

      A wonderful summer, full of sunshine, surfing, beaches & whatever fun you can think of !
      in case you find new ambitious & humorous sakura potentials in the sand near you, just drag them along and prepare them for September.

      side note: In my day 12/13 note, I have used short abrevations of some shikonas...
      I used 'saru', but I completely ignored, that we have saruyama & sarunojima on our team.
      May all hairy monkeys of the planet punish me for that with their pranks.

      finally, our numbers player by player:

      andonishiki 8:7 (first kachikoshi in makunouchi, yay!)
      daifuku 7:8
      chabonowaka 6:9
      saruyama 6:9
      sarunojima 6:9
      chibi_IMO 6:9
      sekihiryu 5:10
      kamogawa 5:10

      cheers andonishiki
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