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4Re: [saintnektarios] well, it's a long hard road...

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  • George Petrogeorge
    Jun 1, 2006
      It is a long road, but it will you prepare you as An Orthodox Christian.

      jack_n_beansmom <jack_n_beansmom@...> wrote:
      hey, i see there hasn't been much activity on this page, and that's
      okay...i have been to the st. necktarios chapel at st. anthony's
      monastery in florence, az. it is really beautiful...i am trying really
      hard to become orthodox, but with the only priest in 50 miles in
      greece, i have to wait. my question really is how do i practise my
      faith on a daily basis when my priest is gone and the church/monastery
      is so far away???  i have been looking into prison ministries for help
      but it doesn't seem to be really helping me. is there a specific
      prayer or anything like that for those of us trying to be patient in
      our travel homeward? any advice would be great!

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