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188Re: On a three day tour, three day tour.....

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  • jumaggafanny
    Aug 16 2:12 PM
      I envy the full standing head room on that 27 but glad I hang an outboard on the stern of my 25, Mr. Honda performs admirably, but in following seas he does not take kindly to being baptised in salt water, there comes a time on Chimera when the motor is not an option.
      The more you use it, fewer of these type of challenges should follow.
      Tenn river? Where are you moored now?
      How old are you anyway, why weren't you at the par-tay w/ the loud band? Midnight came and went but you didn't? Should have been dancing... 4 weeks ago while racing on another boat we arrived Port Huron thurs AM, 1st boat to raft up for PH-MAC and had front row seat to 38 Special playing Fri. night. For a Louisiana guy it was cool to be in Michigan listening to southern rock. Didn't do squat on the race that started the next day, we ran the shore course.

      --- In sailnethelms@yahoogroups.com, "C" <cougar189@...> wrote:
      > First two days where flawless. THEN IT HAPPENED!!!! Best I can figure out, we anchored for the night in a nice little cove, took a swim and had a beer or two. All was well till the rock band across the lake played,,,,,,, all night. Midnight came and went and the band played on and on. We pulled anchor or tried to, she was dug in good. Worked it out and guess we made a sandy mess. On our way by the light of a full moon the engine started overheating and the moon went away, Turned it off and started working. The impeller had exploded, thank Neptune I has a spare and the previous owner had installed an external belt driven pump on the TOP of my Saildrive. Cleaned everything as well as I could at 2 in the morning. Oh did I mention the Tug and barges that almost hit us? I did bring a trolling motor that saved us. Got it running for about 15 min., Then then alarm goes off again. Checked it out all was well that I could tell. Went that on a few time more till we made it to the marina just it time to see the sunrise. Pull the plugs and out came the water, so off with the head. The stat was full of sand and the head gasket was warped. Now to find the the parts and get her back on the water..... Hell of a sail.....
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