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Fw: State Level Intensive First Aid Training for all DM team members ... From: Sekaran R. K To: TN VP ; TN SP ; kmrao36 Cc:
Rupesh Kumar Muthu
Jul 23, 2013
Regarding sending the Intensive report to all Dist Team Leaders Sairam, with the Divine blessings we are submitting the report of DM intensive training programme. Mettur Dam, to open this file first download this
    Rupesh Kumar Muthu
    Jan 16, 2013
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    Fw: New LOGO Sairam please see this edited logo for our team. Rupesh ... From: Sai Deva To: Rupesh Kumar Muthu Sent: Thursday,
      Rupesh Kumar Muthu
      Dec 13, 2012
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      Fw: A short report on NDRF visit Sairam, brother Thiyagu, please see the below final edited report from our Thiyagarajan sir, please add the photo he has mentioned and send it to Sekaran sir,
        Rupesh Kumar Muthu
        Oct 12, 2012
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        Re: Twin Earthquake in IRAN Sorry, the link is attached. http://www.ndtv.com/album/listing/news/iran-hit-by-twin-earthquakes-13594/slide/1 ________________________________ From: Rupesh
        Rupesh Kumar Muthu
        Aug 12, 2012
        Twin Earthquake in IRAN Sairam, there was a twin earthquake in Iran on saturday in just 6.4 magnitude, but see the damages. Rupesh
        Rupesh Kumar Muthu
        Aug 12, 2012
        Presentation given by VP Sairam, the attached presentation was prepared and presented by our VP, Mr.Suresh, during the National retreat at Brindavan 2 months back, this gives us a
          Rupesh Kumar Muthu
          Jul 29, 2012
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          உன்னால் முடியும்...! உன்னால் முடியும்...! ________________________________ புயல்களுக்கு பெயர்
          Rupesh Kumar Muthu
          Jul 8, 2012
          more than 100 dead in Heavy floods in Bangladesh Sairam, please go the recent update of floods and landslides in Bangladesh. Rupesh
            Rupesh Kumar Muthu
            Jun 28, 2012
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            Re: DA Program details Sairam, thanks for the information, your district team is doing excellent service, try to do follow up activities, fix up follow up activity while fixing the
            Rupesh Kumar Muthu
            Mar 9, 2012
            Heartfelt prayers for a grand success of Sadhana camp Sairam, on behalf of all state faculties and state coordinator, I thank you for the arrangements you made and the hospitality given by your district members.
            Rupesh Kumar Muthu
            Feb 6, 2012
            Fw: D.A Programme at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Youth Development Sairam  I am very happy to forward this encouraging message from AIP.  The  Youth DA teams of all districts deserve  Praise for their seva. May Swami bless
            Rupesh Kumar Muthu
            Jan 10, 2012
            Fw: Dinamalar Coimbatore edition - 04.01.2012 Sairam. Please find herewith attached the scanned copy of the news published in the Coimbatore edition of the Tamil daily Dinamalar Dt 04-01-2012. With love
              Rupesh Kumar Muthu
              Jan 5, 2012
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              CURE FOR DIARRHOEA   ... I have forgotten, either National Health Group, or Polyclinics, or whatever.. regarded me seriously when I brought up the topic like it was good fun.
              Rupesh Kumar Muthu
              Dec 12, 2011
              A module for rural and women self help groups Sairam, a rough module for rural programmes, you can use this module for self help groups also. 1. How to recover Unconscious casualty 2. Fire rescue and using
              Rupesh Kumar Muthu
              Dec 6, 2011
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              Thailand Flood 2011 Terrified and with nowhere to go but the small areas of dry land that remain, these are the animal victims of the flooding that has devastated Thailand. In
              Rupesh Kumar Muthu
              Nov 27, 2011
              Trekking programme postponed to Dec end Sairam, due to continuous rainfall, we are postponing the trekking camp to the end of December, we are advised  not to go during rainfall as the area will be
              Rupesh Kumar Muthu
              Nov 25, 2011
              Check list for trekking Sairam, following are few things recommended by experience trekker Mr.Narayanaswamy from Madurai, the check list for the programme 1. Colour Dress with Yellow
              Rupesh Kumar Muthu
              Nov 22, 2011
              Re: Confirmation for Trekking camp on 27th Nov 2011 Sairam,           Sorry that We are unable to attend the camp. Will certainly join you in the next occasion.    with warm wishes, uday
              uday kumar
              Nov 21, 2011
              Confirmation for Trekking camp on 27th Nov 2011 Sairam, to all sai brothers, now the Trekking camp is confirmed and arrangements are being made. Instead of two days we have changed into one day programme,
              Rupesh Kumar Muthu
              Nov 20, 2011
              Mild Earthquake in Vellakovil near Tiruppur Sairam, a detailed report from Dinamalar daily on Mild Earthquake hit in and around areas of Vellakkovil in Tiruppur District. with loving sairam, Rupesh
                Rupesh Kumar Muthu
                Nov 17, 2011
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                Fw: Press Release No. 55 dated November 10th, 2011/ Beloved Bhagavan Sai Ram ! Please find herewith forwarded Press Release No: 55 dated 10th November 2011, received from. Prof. Anantharaman, Media Coordinator, Prasanthi
                Rupesh Kumar Muthu
                Nov 11, 2011
                Fw: V batch security Guard Trainees completion of training ... From: S. Thyagarajan To: 'Sri. Ramani N SP' Sent: Saturday, 5 November 2011 6:20 AM Subject: V batch
                Rupesh Kumar Muthu
                Nov 10, 2011
                Fw: Talakona ... From: venkatesh To: saidmteam@...; Rupes Anna DM Team ; Rupes Anna DM Team
                Rupesh Kumar Muthu
                Nov 10, 2011
                Fw: Security Guard Trainees final Day at Prasanthinilayam photos ... From: S. Thyagarajan To: 'Sri. Ramani N SP' Sent: Sunday, 6 November 2011 9:32 AM Subject: Security
                  Rupesh Kumar Muthu
                  Nov 10, 2011
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                  Trekking Sairam all Previously we all planned for trekking, but it was postponed, now we have confirmed the date that we all can goto to Talakona falls on November 26 &
                  Nov 7, 2011
                  Fw: The cab ride...    Its heartwarming   ... Its heartwarming The Cab Ride I arrived at the address and honked the horn. after waiting a few minutes I walked to the door and
                  Rupesh Kumar Muthu
                  Nov 1, 2011
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                  Trekking camp postponed Sairam, due to the heavy rainfall the Talakona trekking camp has been postponed to end of November and date will be informed later, meanwhile shortfall of
                  Rupesh Kumar Muthu
                  Oct 31, 2011
                  Details of Talakonnm Sairam, my brother, who is a regular trekking guy have sent some links of Talakkonam, please forward to all our team members. Rupesh ... From: Sai Vinod
                  Rupesh Kumar Muthu
                  Oct 27, 2011
                  (no subject) Sairam, wishing you and your family members a happy deepavali, we are planning to hold a trekking camp on 6th Nov 2011 at Talakonam, all the dm team members
                  Rupesh Kumar Muthu
                  Oct 25, 2011
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