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29Check list for trekking

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  • Rupesh Kumar Muthu
    Nov 22, 2011
      Sairam, following are few things recommended by experience trekker Mr.Narayanaswamy from Madurai, the check list for the programme
      1. Colour Dress with Yellow jacket
      2. Shorts (trouser) for bathing in falls
      3. A good sports shoes with better grip
      4. Sweater or Rain coat
      5. Towel
      6. Backpack
      7. Water bottle
      8. Torch light
      9. Small Knife
      10. Firstaid kit
      11. Binaculars(optional)
      12. compass(optional)
      13. Camera with batteries
      14. Fruits
      15. Cap
      16. Face powder
      17. Plastic sheet
      Please read the below very carefully and make yourself prepared for a beautiful experience, as we informed earlier you have to reach Tirupathy at 4.00am on 27th morning. For your information we are planning to take very simple breakfast and Lunch as we teach during our DM programmes, make yourself get adjusted with this. Call any of us for further help.

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      These are some of the things that you may need for a one day trek.
      1. Good shoes with good grip
      2. Wind cheater or sweater (since climate will be cold)
      3. Nebasulf powder
      4. Personal medicines ( if any one is taking them regularly)
      5. Paracetamol
      6. Water bottle
      7. Scissors / pen knife
      8. Torch light (Two or three depending  on the number of participants)
      9. Face powder
      Since, this is only a one day trek, you dont need much.  Whenever you take rest, make it a point to remove your shoes/socks and wash your feet in cold water.
      Gently mop your feet with a soft towel and then sprinkle some face powder on your feet before wearing your socks.  This will prevent occurrence of blisters.  Though you need not worry about blisters in a single day trek, its always better to take precautions, since most of the participants are new to such treks. Whenever you want to take photographs, stay still in a particular spot, take your snap and then continue the trek.  Even for observing the beauty of the nature in a particular spot, stay still on a firm ground and then observe.  While walking look at your feet and walk.  That's the best way.  Do not take rest often.  Walk for at least half an hour and take a short rest for about two minutes.  Take a long break after walking for at least one hour. (long break means maximum of 10 minutes)  When ever you walk uphill its better to walk slowly but steadily and not take a rest until you reach the topmost point.  Those who have breathing problems, should take it slowly and not rush.  Its always better to have a group leader and an assistant leader.  The assistant leader may walk in front and the group leader should be the last one.  Also its better for the group leader to have a whistle and alert those going in front to stop, when they hear the whistle sound.
      Have a nice trek and best wishes for an enjoyable experience.
      Let's plan the ooty trek after your return.  We can plan to have it during the 2nd Saturday and Sunday of February 2012.
       Jai Sairam.