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NewsMail on Sai Darshan on 5-7-2003

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      NewsMail on Darshan
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      Sri Sai Ram

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      Time: Sat, 5 Jul 2003

      Dear Brothers and Sisters!

      SaiRam to All! Sai Ramesh Hall was decorated beautifully today. There was a festival atmosphere and I am sure most were wondering what the 'special function' was all about. I did. There was an arch at the beginning of the hall that had a writing in Kannada which read "Lokabandhur Lokanatho Sai Madhavo Bhakthavatsalaha", evidently taken from the Vishnu sahasram.

      By the time I reached at 8AM, Bhagawan had come and accompanying HIM were the chief minister and the Governor of the Karnataka state. All three were seated on the stage in chairs. The function began with Veda chanting by boys. That done, the principal Sri. Sanjay Sahani spoke for about 10 minutes. He mainly spoke about teacher and doctor profession being very noble as Love is very much necessary to discharge the duties in this profession beneficially.

      After that, Sri C. Sreenivas, the Chairman of the Central Trust for Medicine and Education spoke for about 15 minutes. He recalled the services of the selfless doctors and revealed how Bhagawan had told them that 'Doctors will one day line up here to perform surgeries voluntarily' and today it is the only hospital in the country that has a waiting list of voluntary doctors for performing surgeries!

      By now, the significance of the special function was clear! Sri. Sreenivas called up on the two doctors who were to be felicitated. The first to come was Dr. Sundaresan who had performed the surgery on Swamy's hip. The other was Dr. Hemanth Murthy, all of 39, he had done the maximum number of retina operations in the world! They were awarded with Rs. 7 Lakhs. Dr. Murthy performed the surgery on Swamy's left eye. Dr. Sundaresan was honoured by the governor and Dr. Murthy by the chief minister.

      Principal then requested Dr. Safaya, Director of the Institute of Higher Medical Sciences to speak. Dr. Safaya spoke for about 15 minutes. He spoke about the Love of Bhagawan that has been the guiding light for them. When the hospital of Puttaparthy was inaugurated on 22nd November 1991, six operations were done on the first day itself! The operation thetre was fully made ready within three days! And then he quoted some numbers and said they have done 15,000 heart surgeries, 18,000 kidney operations, 22,000 eye operations and 6,000 operations related to nervous system. Both hospitals together perform about 50 heart surgeries a week. This cost runs in to 1 Crore a week! The combined budget for both hospitals is Rs. 100 crores a year!

      Now Bhagwan was prayed to give HIS message. HE rose to speak. Sri Narasimha Murthy, Warden got ready to translate. I will briefly mention the points that Swamy talked about.

      HE started with the emphatic age old declaration: "If you look to ME, I look to you". Then started off with a Telugu verse that says 'In the sacred land of India, greatest virtue is patience and sweetest feeling is motherhood'. The verse goes on to lament that Indians are not able to know their own strength just like an elephant is not aware of its might.  

      Swamy quickly came on to the point.

      "You have not been seeing ME for the last one month. The hip bone was


      I was taken to the hospital for surgery. I went smiling all the way. Some doctors there were worried. I told them, do not worry. This is not my body, do whatever you want. I returned after three hours and I came back smiling. In three days I started walking. I could do all this because I do not have 'dehabhimana' (body attachment). I could get well quickly only because of the constant prayers of the devotees. Anywhere in the world, they were all praying. It is this love that healed it quickly. Your joy is my health and food.  

      Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is love, enjoy it. Life is a game play it. I have been playing with my body all along! Not only hip, let any bone break, I have no problem since I AM not attached to the body.

      Dr. Sundaresan looked after Swamy very well. I used to tell him, I have no pain, go. He kept on asking 'Swamy how are you, is there any pain' and so on. Not only me, he has also taken care of boys when they fall off motor cycles. He treats them very lovingly. In fact, if there are doctors like Sundaresan, there would be no disease at all in the world!  

      Nine years ago something happened. When I took head bath, I had to dry my hair (at this point Swamy asked Warden sir what is that instrument called!). This electric dryer was presented by someone from the U.S. I switched it on, there was no power. I do not know about these modern techniques! I was looking at it closely when power came and the dryer hurt my left eye. Consequently I lost vision on that eye. The I thought it is enough if there is one eye to see everything and I gained courage.  Does God need eyes to see? "Sahasra seersha purushaha, sahasraksha  sahsrapaath". When the hip surgery was performed the other day, Hemanth  Murthy said he will operate up on the eye and he set it right. Now I can see with both eyes.

      Whole world is based on health and education. You should encourage dedicated doctors. A true doctor should aspire for the welfare of the patient. Doctors in whitefield General hospital do lot of service. Dr. Savithri doesn't care even for her health. You should first take care of health and then help.

      Swamy is very very happy to see the service of the doctors. That happiness gives me health. The best way to love God is to serve God. " <\Swamy>

      Swamy mentioned the doctors who do lot of service in the Whitefield General Hospital. Dr. Savithri and HE asked who is the other one. Warden sir replied it was Dr. Shantha (??). Swamy called them both on to the dais. HE HIMSELF felicitated them. Then HE made vibhuthi for the CM and Governor. We were asked to rise for the national anthem. Swamy left along with other dignitaries after the national anthem through the door behind the stage. Prasadam was pulihora, kesri and a vada! It was soaked in SAI Mother's love completely. Very happy to hear the sweet voice of Swamy and sure we all need to do lot of soul searching.

      Swamy might be leaving soon for Parthi. We do not know if there would be darshan tomorrow morning. Hope we can see HIM once more at Brindavan before the eventful summer camp comes to a close.

      At HIS Lotus Feet

      Jai Sai Ram.



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