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Rathnakar Speaking to media.

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  • katta jayaprakash Reddy
    Sairam, Rathnakar, member of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust,had an interaction with The Hindu on 29/6/111.The salient features are given below. A proposal is
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      Rathnakar, member of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust,had an interaction with The Hindu on 29/6/111.The salient features are given below.
      A proposal is under consideration to make public the annual report on the activties of the Trust.
      Steps will be taken for the smoth running of the institutions set up by Baba.
      Resolution was passed by the board of trustees to give permission Shankarnarayan Consultancy to construct samadhi under the supervision of Trust.
      So far till the date no doctor of SSIHMS has resigned.No resignation letter is received till the date by the medical coordination committee of the Trust.
      The local people of Puttaparthy along with other devotees are deeply hurt at the personal attack on Swami with defamatory and insulting telecast of Baba and expressed anger by taking peace rally.The pople of Puttaparthy had bitterly criticied the staff of TV9 and as per the news there were heeated exchanges between the peoole and staff of TV9 and reportedly prevented further aggravation of the situation.The people have decided to Protect the sanctity of prashanthi Nilayam and never allow anyone to stage dharnas,protests infront of any gate of prashanth nilayam and never tolerate any defamation,insult or any negative coverage by media as Swami is our breath,soul,life and everything for us all. Hats off to the people of Puttaparthy for getting united to face the evil minded organisations like TV9 and others and protect the spirituality,divinity and sanctity of Prashanthi Nilayam.
      Now it is the time for every devotee,follower of Sri Sathya Sai Baba to feel more responsibility in spreading the message of Swami and help and particpate in all the seva activities of Baba in all fields without any break both at Puttaparthy and all over the globe with more vigour,enthusiasm and love.Every devotee must visit Prashanthi nilayam regularly and be blessed by Swami.
      Since the day Swami left His physical body Swami's presence is felt in a devotee's house in the town of Nalgonda,Andhra Pradesh as Swami has been manifesting vibhuthi,kumkum,sandal powder,scented continously without any break from all the photos of not only Swami but on all other divine photos.This is the proof of His omnipresence to the people who are sitting on fence whether to believe Baba or not. Let us all work hard to spread the message and preachings of Baba by serving the humanity with spirituality with service activities to the best of our resources,time and capacity.
      When one of the leaders of a group of doctors requested Swami for padanamaskars to the doctors who are rendering medical service in the villages Swami replied that YOUR SERVICE IS NOTHING BUT TAKING MY PADANAMASKAR.PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SERVICE.What else we need?
      In Sai seva,
      JP Reddy.
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