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    From: Sudhir Kalidas Date: Sat Mar 1, 2008 12:28 pm To: info@saharasamay.com Subject: RE: Spam: SATYA SAI BABA-Thursday9.30
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      From: Sudhir Kalidas <sudhir_kalidas@...>
      Date: Sat Mar 1, 2008 12:28 pm

      To: 'info@...'
      Subject: RE: Spam: SATYA SAI BABA-Thursday9.30 pm-20-2-08

      Mr. Producer  

      It is the height of hypocrisy when you say that you do not intend to hurt the feelings of Baba devotees while you go on airing the sacrilegious programme.

      Yesterday I saw a programme on Sahara Mumbai in which some prominent personalities in India spoke on Baba.   

      My request to you is please refrain from showing/airing programmes which are demeaning you as a producer and INDIA TV in general.  

      Sudhir Kalidas

      Trans-Europa Tanzania Ltd

      P.O. Box 38357

      3rd Floor Haidery Plaza

      Dar es Salaam Tanzania

      Tel: +255 22 2125178/9 Fax: +255 22 2125172

      Mobile: +255 713 658950 or 786 498 414

      Email: info@... or kalidas@...

      From: mail [mailto: mail@... ]
      Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 10:32 AM
      To: Trans Europa Tanzania Ltd
      Subject: RE: Spam: SATYA SAI BABA-Thursday9.30 pm-20-2-08

      Dear Viewer,  

      Thanks for writing to INDIA TV. This is to inform you that your mail has been forwarded to the concerned producer.  

      Stay tuned to India TV. Do keep writing to us with your views and suggestions.  

      Thanks and Regards,  


      Response Executive.  

      From: Trans Europa Tanzania Ltd [mailto:info@...]
      Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 12:51 PM
      To: mail
      Subject: Spam: SATYA SAI BABA-Thursday9.30 pm-20-2-08


      It was with most profound sadness I watched your programme on Sai Baba. I am a devotee of Baba and in my opinion the programme was nothing but the height of your ignorance and cheap reporting. Sadly also you were accompanied by a number of fools and crooks (magicians) who assisted you in the cheap presentation. The programme was sacrilegious if you know the meaning. And imagine you are Indians!   

      For your information I have been a Baba devotee for the last 17 years and I have travelled to Puttaparthi and a number of Sai Centres around the world. I have seen Vibhhuti, honey, nectar flowing from Baba Photos in our homes and homes of a number of devotees in the UK , Europe, America , Canada and Africa . Ask your magicians whether they can do so in our homes?  

      We have seen baba appear in our homes and Sai Centres in flesh & blood. Can your cheap magicians similarly appear in Africa and Americas ?  

      We have Satya Sai Schools all over the world where education in human values is imparted along with the academic education. Baba devotees all over the world are engaged in service to society in various forms. Baba has transformed the lives of millions of his devotees all over the world. They have become better people refraining from corruption, cheating, lying, Not only that they are more loving and compassionate human beings. Miracles have no meaning in the lives of Baba devotees who have benefited much more from Baba in terms of their individual transformation which are the real Baba miracles for each devotee.  

      India TV did not bother to go and experience the truth by humbly visiting the abode of Baba and find out the truth but rather like over zealots took a copy of a Baba video and aired a cheap show. Had you been more truthful not only to yourselves but to your viewers you would have researched and aired the achievements of Baba in terms of individual and social transformation of people. This would have enhanced your image as fair and square reporters.  

      It is unfortunate that you being an Indian Channel are not aware of the existence of YUG AVATAR on the sacred land of Bharat .   

      I am enclosing a letter from an Australian Baba devotee which if you are not biased will give a glimpse of what you are missing in life. The frogs hang around in the slush of the lotus flower while the bees come from far and drink in the nectar offered by the lotus flower

      Sudhir Kalidas

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