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"Saligramam" \garland for SAI

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  • Bombay Srinivasan
    Saligramam garland. SAI IN ANANDA NILAYAM Swami blessed the vast gathering of devotees in “Ananda Nilayam”, Madurai, on 26th April 2007, while on HIS way
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      Swami blessed the vast gathering of devotees in Ananda Nilayam Madurai , on 26th April 2007,while on HIS way to Kodaikanal.  Some of the snap shots had been posted by me in this group. I will continue to post photos and messages covering the Divine Visit to Ananda Nilayam.
      Please  view the  thumbnail duly enlarged. Now the wonderful story concerning this Divine event.
      All devotees are aware of  the Shiva Lingams. Likewise, for the deity ofLord Vishnu, there is one Saligramam. These saligrmams may sometimes have a small hole. But the distinct feature is that the symbols of Sanghu and Chakra, both the symbols of Lord Vishnu are embedded inside the saligramam.Many of the saligramams are sold in the split condition and anybody can see the Lord Vishnu symbols very clearly.  The Saligramams are a very rare product. These are called Swayambu, i.e. naturally formed.
      Though the Saligramams are very rare to obtain, Sri Srinivasan Chettiar meticulously collected a large number of Saligramams. So far he could get 54 in numbers. This works out to half of the Divine quantity of 108 Nos,.
      Sri Chettiar had made a very beautiful garland using all these 54 saligramams. He had got made tiny cages in gold, and had kept the saligramams within those golden cages. And then these items are woven into a beautiful garland.
      You can see in this attached photograph, Sri Chettiar offering this Garland to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu. Swami lifted the garland of Saligrams in His Divine Hands, and blessed the same.Swami also permitted to place this blessed garland across the neck of Shiridi Sai Baba idol. I shall post the photo of this action very shortly in my next mail. 
      Love & Regards

      V.Srinivasan (Bombay Srinivasan)
      302, Khyati Deep,
      Sathya Sai Complex,
      Chickuwadi, Borivali west,
      Mumbai 400092
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