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SATHYA SAI SPEAKS - Volume II [Ch. 27, 28, 29, 30]

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    Dear Sai brothers and sisters of the worldwide saidevotees_worldnet family, In view of the ensuing glorious event of the 80th Birthday of the Divine Lord
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      Dear Sai brothers and sisters of the worldwide 'saidevotees_worldnet' family,

      In view of the ensuing glorious event of the 80th Birthday of the Divine Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we propose posting of all the Divine Messages titled as ‘Sathya Sai Speaks’ for the benefit of our members and all the Sai devotees the world over. We request you to pass on/forward/spread these Divine messages to your Sai circle so that they also derive spiritual benefits and bliss from them. These Divine Messages are not only for Sai devotees, they are for the entire HUMANITY. Lord Krishna taught humanity the ways and means of salvation for mankind in ‘Bhagavad Gita’ in Dwapara Yuga. ‘Sathya Sai speaks’ is the Bhagavad Gita of Kali Yuga. - With Sai love, Sai brothers - ’saidevotees_worldnet’


      Om Sri Sai Ram

      SATHYA SAI SPEAKS - Volume II  [Ch. 27, 28, 29, 30]


      THE study of sacred books and listening to religious discourses are meant to develop self-control and peace; but, from the confusion here which you seem to enjoy. I find that your study and listening have all been a waste, You cannot put forward as excuse the hugeness of the gathering, because if each one of you stops talking or clamoring or complaining, silence can be established that very second. Again, you cannot say that you have been waiting since early morning and therefore you have become restless. Well, what is to be said of the earnestness that melts away just when the event for which you were waiting so long has started? If each one keeps silent, though there are lakhs of people here, it would appear as if there is none. Try to keep silent.

      Remember why you have come and why you have waited, whom you have come to listen. Now it is better. That is good. That is why I always say that man's real nature is Santham (peace, equanimity); that, if only he tries, he can re-discover his nature inn moment. He has' only to pull himself up, to recollect his origins from Brahman, his identity with the changeless Atma. Man may err in an uproar or be fight in quiet-calm, as you are now. Your own enthusiasm has mused this delay; for the road to the Mandir (hall of worship) i% as the organizers say, completely packed and even there, in the Mandir there is not a square inch of vacant space! So, it was suggested that the idol could be brought to this bungalow for consecration; it could be taken later and placed in position at the Mandir.

      Do not dishonor the heritage of India

      Remember, Sai does not live in structures of stone or brick and mortar! He lives in soft hearts, warm with sympathy and fragrant with universal Love. Temples and image-worship have some value in stimulating the higher impulses of man, of diverting his instincts along more socially useful channels. That is why in India no chance was lost to lead man Godward. All arts were utilized to that end. Even a drunkard sways to the tune of a faintly remembered keerthana (music composition), proclaiming the Glory of God or the joy of self-realisation. Every one, 'whatever the stage of spiritual advance he may have attained, is prompted, gently nudged, to move forward. This has made India the Spiritual academy of humanity. You are privileged to live out this life in the lap of India; that is, in the lap of Vedanta. Remember this heritage and live in such   way that you do not dishonor it.

      Do not envy the countries that are attempting to' reach the Moon and Mars and to explore the reaches of outer space. Of what avail is it to master those regions while remaining slaves of every gust of malice or fear? Of what avail is it to travel at ten thousand miles per hour with a mind weighed down by dark impulses of the savage past? Inquire into the causes of the Ashanti (lack of peace) that prevails even in the most advanced communities of the West and you will  find the reason to be the wild growth of pride and greed, vice and sin. There is no fear of God or respect for age or dread of sin. They attach meaning and value only to the external symbols of riches or power; the container, not the thing contained.

      For example this marble image is only a container. The thing contained is Sai Tathva (essential nature). Just as a cup is the aadhaara (base support) and the milk in it is the Aadheya (supported), you pour Sai Tathva in this Form and you call it Sai Baba; you pour it in another vessel of a different form and call it Shrinivasa, or Shiva or Krishna or Rama.

      Idol worship is just the beginning of Sadhana

      For those in the Kindergarten of Sadhana, an idol is as necessary as pictures in a spelling book. Until you are able to recall instantly the image of a horse as soon as you see the letters h, o, r, s and e, one after another, the drawing of a picture must be held before you with those letters underneath it. So also, you must have a Form like the idol, called Sai, prominently before you in order to give shape to your loose and indefinite conception of the Divine Tathva (true state). Once you can conceive the Sai Tathva independently without any form, or as all Forms and Names, the idol is superfluous; it can be dispensed with.

      Installing this marble image in the Mandir yonder does not mean the end of all effort for you. In fact, it is just the beginning. There are a large number of temples all over this country in various stages of ruin; not only here, but in other countries also, the same thing holds true. Why make all this noise and build another temple to be added to the list? New temples rise and old temples fade from memory and fall into decay. This is bemuse you do not realise that the substance is the same, though it is presented in different forms and under different names. One chapter of your thapas (penance) is over; you have got this idol and you have got up this function but the next chapter is to pour your Bhakti into this idol and make it ever alive; to shape your own lives, so that you are fit to stand before Sai with folded hands. Only the pure and the holy can offer themselves fully to God.

      Do your best first and seek God's help

      I do not like people wasting the precious moments of their limited years of life in idle talk of vain pursuits Nor do I like cowardly hesitation. Act; act with all your might and with all your mind; make full use of the skill, capacity courage and-confidence that you are endowed with. Then God will bless you. You must have heard of a Rama Bhakta (devotee of Rama) who sat on  the road side by his upturned cart, wailing his bad luck and calling on Rama to lift the cart into position. Rama did not appear to raise the cart and fix the wheel. He therefore began chiding his faith itself and to doubt the experience of the sages who describe Him as the Ocean of Mercy. Rama came into his presence then; but only to tell him. "You fool, I have entrusted you with some intelligence and strength. Use them. Put your shoulder to the task now before you. When you have done your best and that best is found not enough, then call on Me; I am ever ready to reinforce your exertions with My Grace." The Bhaktas of Rama, with His Name on their lips and His Form before their eyes, lifted mountains and bridged the sea. You who call yourselves Atma Bhaktas are too weak even to carry about your bodies, not to speak of the burden of your kith and kin.

      Having installed Sai in your village, you must grow in Prema (love), for Sai is Prema Swarupa (love personified). Sa---means Sarvashakthi (All-powerful), Sarvasaakshi (the Witness in All); Ayi means mother; Baba means father. The Prema of Sai is the Prema characteristic of the Father and the Mother; not the earthly Father and Mother but of the Father and Mother who are the Witness of every thought, word and deed in every being. Respect the Father and Mother who are concrete and then you transfer that type of respect to the Abstract Father or Mother or Guardian---God. Learn to install the unseen Lord in your heart by installing the see-able image in the Mandir. Proceed from the sthoola (gross) to the sookshma (subtle).

      Discover Truth by exercise of discrimination

      Just as patients require a doctor, Bhaktas require some Name and Form to which they can run for consolation and courage and advice. So it is for your sake, as a great step in your Sadhana, in your progress towards internal peace and harmony, that this installation is made by Me now. "Wherever My name is sung, there I install Myself" it has been said.

      The Divinity you have as the core of your being, you ignore; at the same time, you seek it in others. That is the tragedy. You insult yourself by feeling helpless, weak and inferior. Cowardice and self-condemnation - these do not become a spark of the Divine Flame. Your Sathya can be discovered by you by a little exercise of Viveka (discrimination). Born in delusion, breathing in delusion, groveling in delusion man is unaware of his heritage and feels incapable of attaining it. He is desperate, seeing no means of escape; every effort to achieve Shanthi (peace) entangles him further and tighter in the coils and of a-Shanthi. Like flowers of variegated hue, each redolent with fragrance, men are all basically of the same genus of Brahmam. The fragrance arises from the Divine Essence which is the real reason for existence; for every one has to realise that Essence and thus end the series of births and deaths. Like a student leaving college once the degree is awarded, once the Truth is realised, man has liberation. He can leave his college and his study and all that bother.

      You have to rely on your own resources

      But you must get the Degree. Why are you averse to making the effort needed to pass? Instead of that, you run after this teacher or that. You extol him to the sky and call yourselves his followers. Of what avail is his victory to you? He has achieved; well what about you? His achievement is entered in his account at the bank as his deposit and he can draw Cheques upon it. But can you draw from it?

      There are even today great sages in the Himalayas, 1 know, who are Witnesses of everything and whose Prema embraces the whole of Humanity but that does not help you; you have to trek the path alone and rely on your own resources. They can provide only guide maps and encouragement. You have come to Repalle today from the hundred distant villages and you know that you have to go back to the places from where you came. So too, it is inevitable that you have to return to the place from where this journey through birth and death started, namely, Brahman.

      There is only one Sun, but he is reflected in a million tanks and wells and pots. Paramatma (God) is One and His reflections, are the Jivis (individuals, each with the Atma (soul) apparent therein. There are lakhs of people here now and in each one of you now, Swaami is shining in the heart. That is the real Aathmaanandham (Soul full bliss). Keep it fresh for ever and foster it carefully. That is the secret of Shaanthi.

      Installation of Shri Sai Baba idol in the Mandir, Repalle, 2- 12-1961


      THE name "Sanathana" that you have adopted for your Workers Co-operative Industrial Institute is strange, even for the Department over which the Minister who is here presides. But it is that name which has brought Me here. You are all Sanathana (eternal), though you appear noothana (new), on account of this new dress you are wearing. This you can discover only through Vidhya (learning) that instills discrimination and emphasizes basic values.

      Your Chief Minister said this morning when this Society was formally inaugurated in Shriramapuram, that all our troubles arise out of ignorance and that the spread of education will automatically remove them. I had to correct him and say that all our troubles are due to the fact that the educated are not educated at all in the subjects that really matter. They have neither Viveka (discrimination), nor Vinaya (humility), nor vishwaasa (trust). They do not honour or render gratitude to parents. They laugh at those who turn towards God and those who give the world a minor place in the scheme of things. They do not appreciate the simple pleasures of meditation, of the recital of the Name of the Lord, of silence and service. Still, they are burdened with heavy degrees and titles which proclaim that they are 'educated.' That is the tragedy.

      The educated have no iota of the peace that the uneducated have! They live in greater discontent and misery and are tossed about without a rudder in a sea of troubles. They do not know anything about the source of Peace and Ananda that they carry about within themselves; they allow the inner consciousness to go dry by neglect; they are not aware of the means to irrigate it with the waters of Prema and grow therein the fruits of Prashanthi (tranquility).

      Without faith in God, man is blind

      They read books but do not correct their modes of thinking and living. The shelves of the dispensary are full of drugs; but how can your illness be cured if you simply learn the catalogue by heart, or even the pharmacopoeia? You have to select the drug you need, drink it, imbibe it, assimilate it and counteract the cause of illness.

      For example; I have now been moving around this Bangalore and other places for more than 22 years; but though lakhs of people have seen Me, those who have understood My Nature are very few. This is because the simple exercises of sravana, manana and nididhyaasana (listening, reflection and concentration) are not practiced by people; they do not know how to recognise Divinity in themselves or others. They simply prod and exhort each other to serve all as God's own Forms. This has become mere conventional talk devoid of inspiration or meaning.

      In India, from very ancient times, the Glory, the Divinity, the sanctity of man has been proclaimed and the way of recognising it has been taught. Only those who have learnt them deserve to be the sons and daughters of this land. Others are like the kokil birds, the cuckoos that are born in the nests of crows; their place of birth is India, no doubt, but they are basically aliens, of a different species altogether. Guru Naanak said that without faith in God, man is blind; without it, you are moving corpses. Your life might be as grand, as beautiful, as rich as the Taj Mahal---but remember the Taj is but a tomb! Whatever the method of worship, whichever the Name or Form, it is Faith that matters; it is that which gives life and energy for higher things.

      Do ritual worship for the sake of humanity

      There is this panicky talk about the Ashta-grahakoota---of the calamities that the conjunction of these 8 planets will rain upon mankind. Like the tail of Hanuman with the flame at its tip, which lengthened on and on, setting all Lanka on fire, this panic is increasing every moment and setting every one on edge. Believe Me, nothing will happen; no, there is no danger at all. Of course, in this terror, people are everywhere doing Yajnas and Poojas, which are by themselves good. They give you some courage and peace of mind. So far, so good. Even among these, I like the Pooja that is done not for the sake of the individual but for the sake of humanity. By all means, do Poojas in order to promote the happiness and peace of living beings. Develop that love for men everywhere. That is My mission too, My resolution, My Sankalpa (Will), My deeksha (vow)---the planting of love in every human heart.

      The Lord is Prema; Prema is Paramatma. If you fill your heart with Prema, hatred, envy, greed and egoism cannot enter it. There will be no pralaya (devastation) for a Prema-filled earth. The only chaos that may happen in February next is the chaos of failure for many candidates in the General Elections! No one else needs worry over the conjunction. Chaos or no chaos your duty is to pray for the welfare of the world and to work for it as far as lies in your power. Pray for Prashanthi for all; do your bit for it by not adding to the Ashanti (disturbance) that exists.

      Every one is basically God; that is to say, basically, you. He is the Inner Motive in all. Every Indian knows this in the depths of his heart; he has imbibed it with the mother's milk; that knowledge, and action according to that knowledge, are the hall-marks of the Indian. That should make the genuine Indian fearless; for the Atma, which he really is, cannot be affected by pain or death or joy or accident or calamity.

      What is the use of searching for quiet, available only in the silence of the Inner Awareness, in the jungle of Prakriti (world)? It is like searching for something you have lost in your room under the street lamp. Your "self" you have lost; search for it in you that is the path of wisdom.


      Your mind too is like the jinn; it will destroy you if left idle; so, order it to move up and down the pillar of Soham--- "He-I," "I am He" "I am that." - Sathya Sai Baba


      SHAASTRY spoke in detail of the importance of the Uttharaayana Day. The day has an outer and an inner significance, the inner having greater value for aspirants for spiritual progress. I do not attach much value to the outer meaning: the Sun taking a northward direction from today; the six months from now on being holier than the six that ended today and therefore, as Shastri said, the Uttharaayana better suited for Sadhana. Man's life must be a perpetual Sadhana; any day is a good day for starting Sadhana, whether it falls in the Dakshinaayana or Uttharaayana (southward or northward movements of Sun). One need not wait for the Sun to turn North. The months and the ayanas (Sun's passage towards north and south of equator) are all related to Prakrithi (subjective world), and so they have only relative value.

      Uttharaayana is a quality of the Nayana (the eye); it is matter of dhrishti--attitude, point of view. It is not an Ayana (half year term). When your dhrishti (sight) is on Brahman, it is Uttharaayana; when it is on Prakriti, it is Dakshinaayana. When you have developed Utthamaguna (excellent quality), every day is Uttharaayana whatever the Panchaanga (almanac) may say. When you have fever, the tongue will be bitter; when you are healthy, you know all tastes. The bitter tongue is the Dakshinaayana; the sweet tongue is the Uttharaayana. To associate it with the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn is just a convention.

      Avatar comes for the protection of all with good virtues

      The astronomical Uttharaayana comes to you whether you strive for it or not; it is part of the law of nature. But for the real Uttharaayana, you must make efforts, tremendous efforts. Know that there are only two entities: the substance and the shadow, (or rather, only One, and its appearance, produced by ignorance), the Atma and the An-Atma---the seer and the seen the rope and the snake. When this knowledge becomes part of the mental make-up, it liberates you from Maya and you see Kailash at the straight and hard but the Goal is glorious; it is nothing less than Illumination. It is when people forget this Goal that the Avatar comes to save them.

      The Avatar comes when there is yet a remnant of good men, yet a trace of Dharma; for what is the use of doctor when the patient has collapsed? When a large number of good men are afflicted with the fear for the survival of goodness, then the Lord incarnates to feed their drooping spirits and revive faith and courage. "Parithraanaaya Saadhoonaam" in the Geetha does not mean the "protection of Sadhus or ascetics;" it means the "protection of all who have Sadhu virtues;" 'Sadhu' means 'good.' Good virtues might be found even in animals and insects and worms. He will guard and guide even such. He comes to promote Dharma; and virtue is the foundation of Dharma.

      The worldly outlook will deceive you and land you in grief. You do not know which articles will satisfy your inner cravings; you try to possess whatever attracts your eye. When you crave for the thought of the Lord and the company of the Godly, then you are in Uttharaayana. Bhishma too was in that mood. He prayed "Asatho maa sath gamaya"---From this transient world of decay, lead me to the everlasting world of Bliss; "Thamaso maa jyothir gamaya"---Give me the effulgence of Thy Grace and illumine my soul with truth; "Mruthyor maa amritham gamaya"---Save me from the torture of birth and death, destroy the cravings of the mind which produce the seeds of birth and lead me to Immortality. That prayer and that yearning of Bhishma gave him the vision of Krishna when he passed away. That was the real Uttharaayana for him.

      Use the body well for the purpose given

      Jiva (individual) and Deva (Divine) are the two rails along which the engine manas is dragging the coaches of Vishaya Vaasana (attachment to sense objects) along. Each coach contains the items of luggage each one has, viz., Buddhi, antahkarana (intellect, inner senses), etc. Atma is the driver of the engine; if the coupling with the engine is not well connected, the coaches will be left loose on the line. Faith and Shraddha (trust) are the couplings; see that they are fixed tight. They do not fix themselves, remember. You have to use the strength and the intellect awarded to you. Grace will be granted only then. Spend the Shakti (energy) you are endowed with; then pray for Rama Shakti. Rama or the Lord will then bless you; if you ask for one, He will grant you a hundred. This is the Karmadeha (the working body) given to you; use it well for the purpose given.

      I see many people here who have come in the special buses, which take them round to many holy places. I shall tell them mine words: When you reach a holy place you should entertain only holy thought. On seeing a doctor, you remember your illness; when you see a lawyer, you wish to consult him on some problem of property or personal spite; when you see a temple, you are reminded of the Force that animates the universe. Your tour should not be a Vinodha-prayaana (travel for amusement) but a Viveka-prayaana (travel for using discrimination) for you. Do not use such pilgrim buses for going on picnics; do not seek to purchase vessels and clothes and rarities in the shops of the towns you visit; pay attention more to the need for filling your minds with holy experiences over which you can ruminate after returning to the quiet of your home. When you are in the Kshethra (holy place), think of the Kshethrajna (divine dweller of the place).

      Move in the midst of the sacred and sanctifying

      Load your bus with thoughts of the Glory of God, not with tinsel and tin cans. Again, do not get involved with the bad traits that may be found in the places to which you go. Seek the company of the good, move in the midst of the sacred and the sanctifying. That is what you go so far for. The shelves of the hospital are full of all types of medicines: pills, poisons, powders, emulsions, lotions, mixtures, etc. You should ask not for the sweetest or the most attractively packed drug, but the drug that you need for the illness you suffer from. So too, let the holy place have a thousand other attractions; do not run after them. Concentrate on the thing you have come for. The bhogi (enjoyer) and the rogi (the sickly) should be transformed into the yogi (contemplative saint); take the drug from the dispensary, which will make you that.

      Become also fit for the Vision of God that you seek in the temples. Go humbly, with prema in your heart for all creation; take the Hrudhayapushpa (heart-flower), full of the fragrance of Prema, the Mano-phala (mind-fruit) uncontaminated by the pests of greed and egoism; become sweet in word, deed and thought so that you can dedicate yourself to the service of God's Plan. A person with faith in God will not be moved by panic, as some people are, at the approaching Ashtagrahakoota (conjunction of eight planets). I assure you there will be no extra danger to the world as a result of that conjunction. No additional calamity will happen; why, the A-Shanthi that now exists will even become a little less! When the Avatar has come, why fear like this? Why dread imaginary dangers? One more thing: you will have seen the announcement that you should not bring to Me fruits, flowers, etc. Some of you, I know, are sad that I have announced so. But let Me tell you: Come to. Me with empty hands; I shall fill your hands with gifts and Grace. If your hands are full, what am I to fill them with?

      Prashanthi Nilayam, 14-1-1962

      Any balance of karma-consequence will involve some years of imprisonment in the body. The Sasthras advise man to wipe off the balances by four steps: by scotching all sparks from the fire; by getting rid of all signs, symptoms and causes of fever; by paying off all balance of debt; and by suffering off all consequences of karma. - Sathya Sai Baba


      You have heard four people speaking now on the magazine, 'Sanathana Sarathi' and the value derived from it by readers. I know that you have been squatting for an hour or so and you will come again for longer sessions lair in the day, which will continue the whole night. Let Me tell you that far from sympathizing with you, I commend your endurance, for such hardships make your lives worthwhile. To call it a hardship is a sign of delusion and ignorance of values. Just now the entire country is under the shadow of a fear, the fear of Ashtagrahakoota---the conjoint effect of eight planets that converge in one line for some short time. In order to ward off the evil, persons who have so far never spent a pie on charity are spending lavishly for Yajnas, Poojas and the propitiation of planetary powers. So far, so good; let some money flow from one pocket to another which is more needy. Let money circulate.

      Let the spirit of charity grow, even out of panic. But calamity, danger, death cannot be avoided for all time; they are inevitable factors of life; you have to learn to live bravely with them. Only uninterrupted prayer can accomplish this, not by spurts of worship actuated by sudden fear. Purify your hearts, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, speech; strengthen your nobler impulses; then, no panic can un-nerve you; nothing can shake your stability, your Prashanthi (inner peace).

      Lord's Leela to reveal the nature of Bhakti

      Your prayers will be heard and answered; the Lord has no distinction of big or small, of high or low. There was in Bengal a Bhakta named Maadhavadhaasa, who realised when his wife died, that he had lost his griha (home), for his grihalakshmi (wife) had passed away; so he gave all his riches to the poor, donned a gerua (yellow) robe and wandered alone as a pilgrim to the Jagannaatha Shrine. There he did such deep penance that the concrete image soon became the Abstract Reality and the Abstract Reality became a Perpetual Vision. He lost all sense of time and space, of Chith and A Chith (awareness and ignorance). Then the Lord, with Subhadra, His Shakti-aspect, moved towards him and placed before him the gold plate used by the priests to keep food in front of Jagannaatha in the sanctum sanctorum. When Maadhavadhaasa awoke to his gross surroundings, he saw the gold plate with the pile of delicious food upon it; he ate his fill and returned to his inner paradise, which he had left for a while.

      Meanwhile, the plate was reported lost, assumed to be stolen, and discovered by the seashore near Maadhavadhaasa, who was promptly arrested and led to the lock-up by some very efficient policemen. He was beaten mercilessly but did not seem to mind it a bit. The chief priest that  night had a dream in which Jagannaatha asked him not to bring food for the Lord again into the shrine, for: "You bring food for Me, and when I eat it, you start beating Me!" Then he realised that it was all the Lord's Leela to demonstrate the devotion of Maadhavadhaasa and teach others the real nature of Bhakti.

      Some scholars and Pundits of Puri did not feel happy at this sudden rise to fame of a stranger from Bengal; so they called Maadhavadhaasa into their midst and challenged him to an intellectual duel. Maadhavadhaasa was not a Pundit of that type: he had learnt the Sasthras only as a staff to help him walk, as a guide to action; not as a stick to beat others with. So he accepted defeat even before the bout began and signed a statement to that effect, which the leading Pundit was only too glad to accept because Maadhavadhaasa had a reputation for scholarship which was really frightening.

      The Lord will not allow a devotee to be harmed

      The Pundit hurried to Kasi with that token of victory; he waved it before a gathering of scholars and demanded that they should all pay him homage as superior even to Maadhavadhaasa. But the Lord will not allow His Bhakta to be humiliated. When the signed statement was opened and read, they were all amazed to find that it was a statement declaring that it was Maadhavadhaasa who had achieved victory and it was the Pundits who had signed underneath acknowledging his own defeat! The Lord will not be silent when the Bhakta is insulted or harmed.

      But, remember, the word is Bhakta. Well, who is a Bhakta and how can you claim the privileges of that position? Unless you have unshakable faith, you do not deserve that name. If you are rooted in that faith, success is yours, without a doubt but do not think that I am angry or displeased with you on that account. This evening, the Lingodhbhava (emergence of egg-shaped stone of Shiva) is My Duty, My responsibility, rather My Nature which must reveal itself on this holy day.

      I gave Kasturi and Thirumalachar shawls and blessed them at the beginning of this meeting since they wrote My Life in English and Telugu: the book called "Sathyam Shivam Sundaram." Some of you might have wondered why I liked the publication of this book on My Life. Well, I like the production of all kinds of things and so, why should I not like this? I responded to the prayers of devotees and allowed them to write it. "Ramayathi ithi Rama"---He who pleases is Rama. The joy of the Bhakta satisfies the Lord; the joy of the Lord is the reward of the Bhakta.

      Truth is the basic reality of you all

      The title, "Sathyam Shivam Sundaram" is full of meaning. It speaks of Me as immanent in every one of you, remember. Sathyam (Truth) is the basic reality of you all; that is why you resent being called a liar. The real "you" is innocent; he will not accept an imputation that is false. The real "you" is Shivam--joy, happiness, and auspiciousness---but not shavam (corpse). It is Shubham (beautiful), Nithyam (permanent), Anandam (bliss). How then can you bear being called otherwise? The real "you" is Beauty, and so you resent being called ugly. The aathma has got entangled in the body which it does not like; it is weighed down by shame when you identify it with the body and attribute to it the weaknesses and deficiencies of that physical vehicle.

      The 'Sanathana Sarathi' is the result of My Sankalpa (resolve). My Uthsaaha (venture), My Ananda (bliss). Nothing can stand in the way once I have decided on any step. When the Paramatma Tathva (principle of Supreme Soul) assumes human form and appears, not with Mahaa-shakthi and Mahaa-swaruupa (Supreme Power and Form of the Supreme), but with Maaya-shakthi and Maaya-swaruupa (Power of illusion and Form of illusion), it is difficult to comprehend it, especially when you are in an uncertain vacillating mood. Once you understand the purpose and the procedure, all doubts will cease.

      Prashanthi Nilayam, 4-3-1962

      Prema is the characteristic of the Lord; the love that you bear to yourself is itself the love that is the nature of the Atma, which is the Lord. That is why I place all emphasis on Prema, in its various forms of affection, filial piety brotherhood, fraternalism, philanthropy, etc My Message, My Mission is Prema, Prema, Prema; nothing else. That is the substance, remember, of the Vedas and of Dharma. When that fills the heart, all fear and all vice will vanish. - Sathya Sai Baba


      With Sai love from Sai brothers – ‘saidevotees_worldnet’
      Source and Courtesy: http://www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume02/sss02

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