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SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4 [Chapters - 5,6,7]

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4   5.                   TheMani Mantapa   KUPPUBairaagi Sastri and the Srouthi from Mysore gave you the
10:36 AM

Sai messages

You may ask: "How am I to declare, Aham Brahmasmi (I am Divine)?” Yes, you can do so. But, first understand the Aham, the ‘I’, the Divine Principle.
Deepak Arjandas Bharwani
9:24 AM

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4 - 4. Brahmanda Linga

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4   4.                    Brahmanda Linga   PANDITHUmamaheshwara Sastri and Veerabhadhra Sastri both spoke on
Jul 4

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4 - 3. The house of the Lord

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4   3.     The house of the Lord   IHAVE been coming off and on to Trichinapalli since fifteen years but this isthe first time
Jul 4

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4 (Cont inued) - 2. Names do not matter

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4 (Continued) 2. Names do not matter TODAY is a holy day because people honour it as such. Every day is holy for those who
Jul 4

Anil Kumar to Talk in Mumbai - Mulund Samithi To host an exclusive S

Invitation to Satsangh with Prof Anil Kumar from Mulund Samithi, Mumbai .... Anil Kumar to Talk in Mumbai - Mulund Samithi To host an exclusive Satsangh
Deepak Arjandas Bharwani
Jul 4

Sai messages

You come to Puttaparthi to strengthen your relationship with the Divine. Hold on to it firmly. Put into practice at least one thing you learn from here. It is
Deepak Arjandas Bharwani
Jul 4

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4 - Heroes, not Zeros

SATHYA SAI SPEAKS – Vol.4 DoesSai Speak? Sathya Sai Speaks Does Sai speak thesewords into avid ears and arid hearts? No! It is our Mother that
Jul 4

Muddenahalli matter

Dear Sai Family, Sairam!. It is well known that before Baba chose to leave His beautiful and irreplaceable physical frame that we love so dearly, some of His
Chand Dutta
Jul 4

Divine Reassurance and Guidance - Clips from Divine Discourses

Very important Message dated 30 June 2015received from: Dr.Narendranath Reddy,​ Chairman, Prashanti Council,Sathya
Jul 1

Sai News

What does God seek from us? A messiah's story http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Z5vzkkLs27w/VZIEU1MMiFI/AAAAAAAAEG4/fx3HMul0BR8/s1600/Sheep%2Bon%2BKjeragbolten.jpg Are
Deepak Arjandas Bharwani
Jul 1

Symphonies of India - Photos

Symphonies of India Symphonies of India - An Enchanting Confluence of Divine Melodies Across India, held at Nehru Park, Delhi on Saturday 27th June 2015 Click
Deepak Arjandas Bharwani
Jul 1

Sai messages

Thursday Divine Darshan of Sathya Sai Baba - Part 50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai0cwSecBGc This human birth is the consequence of countless good deeds,
Deepak Arjandas Bharwani
Jun 26

When in doubt, go to the Source

From: Karuna Sarup-Munshi    Let us take a moment for a quick reality check,by going straight to the Source. And when the
Jun 24

Sai Messages

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-s6yK0xvh7_g/VYOEGO9vVmI/AAAAAAAAEEk/DZVAMxSGUaM/s1600/Cherish%2Bthese%2Bmoments.jpg God is All-pervading (Sarvavyapi). He loves His
Deepak Arjandas Bharwani
Jun 23
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